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Visualize your current organizational structure with the best org chart software for enterprises

The Nakisa Org Chart Suite enables you to automatically create org charts to visualize and analyze complex organizational structures. With native ERP integrations, unparalleled scalability, and powerful HR analytics, Nakisa offers the best org chart software for large enterprises on the market.
Nakisa org chart software lets anyone make and visualize complex org charts in seconds

With the Nakisa Org Chart software, you can:

Visualize as little or as much data as you need

Create in seconds org charts that used to take hours

Get a truly holistic view of your enterprise

Ensure consistency for compliance and audits

Your interactive organizational charts created
in a few clicks

See everything you need to manage your HR today and plan for your organization’s tomorrow.

Automatically create and update org charts in real time

Making and updating org charts for large organizations can take hours or even days – unless you use the Nakisa Org Chart tool. You’ll accurately represent team structures and get automated updates of the employee data right from your ERPs. Nakisa also enables you to simplify the visualization of complex reporting structures such as matrix and dotted lines so that you can better understand org relationships and focus on building teams, not charts.

"Nakisa gives us the advanced organizational charts we need, fully integrated to and complimentary of our HCM solution, and with great visualization out of the box."


Jeffrey Boyd,

GM-Global Talent Management at Delta
With Nakisa Org Chart software, easily condense and visualize massive amounts of data in one intuitive org chart.
OrgInsight is the only solution that condenses massive amounts of data into easy-to-read org charts

Benefit from the org chart summary

Nakisa’s summary charts simplify and present large amounts of HR data in an easily understandable format. Like the rest of the org chart, they offer many customization options, enabling you to view as much or as little detail as necessary for making tactical and strategic HR staffing decisions.

"I would recommend any company that has a lot of mergers, or org changes to implement Nakisa. "


Arief Setiawan,

Deputy VP HR Operation at Sinarmas Mining

Configure and save org chart views

Add metrics. Filter chart displays in any of dozens of ways, including lines of business, demographics, geography, tenure, functions, span of control, vacancies, and more. See what you need to see. Save the views that make your job easy.

"We have decided to team-up with Nakisa to facilitate the transformation of Coty. The highly visual and user-friendly interface will facilitate the work of HR and management allowing them to focus on designing the best organization for the future. "


Philippe Manzanares,

VP HRIS, Payroll, Reporting & Global HR Policies COTY 
Visualize complex reporting structures, add metrics, apply filters, and customize data views as needed. Save your customized views.
Visualize HR metrics, such as span of control, headcounts, vacancies, right in your org chart, to cut down time spent jumping across files.

Add HR KPIs and metrics to track your objectives

Visualize key HR KPIs right in your org chart to cut down time spent jumping across files and screens. Proactively achieve optimal span of control, layers, and headcounts. Gain insight into how your organization’s staffing has improved (or not) over time.

"With Nakisa HR suite, huge time savings were achieved through filtering, slicing, and dicing of data based on different dimensions such as, layers, business lines, regions, countries, functions, and products. Reports that took 2-6 hours to create in the past, were now being instantly generated in Nakisa HR Suite with just a few simple clicks!"


Michelle Seymore,

Head People & Culture Transactional Solutions at Standard Bank Group

Import HR data and integrate with ERPs and HCM tools

Use Nakisa’s native ERP integrations with SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors (SFSF), Workday, and more. Quickly create intuitive organizational charts that easily import your HR data and automatically self-update. No more need for Excel, Visio, or PowerPoint.

"We never had a single consistent source of truth in organization data, but now with the help of Nakisa we can have a single source of truth, just log into the system and voila we get what we need. "


Eric H. Sidarta,

HRIS Planning Manager at Sinarmas Mining
EPR Integrations – SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, and Oracle
Nakisa Org Chart software is one of the only org chart solutions to let you see what your organization looked like over time.

Check historical org charts and track your organization evolution

Nakisa is among the only org chart solutions that allow you to pull org charts from previous years. See what you need to see, including changing titles, responsibilities, team structures, chains of command, and more. Easily compare years of change in your current organizational structure. See how your organization evolves over time.

"'s beautiful to see, it's also very informative because we can have a lot of information from dashboard and from the information displayed to us such as span of contract, number of headcount and vacant position etc. which is information that is required by the management during the analysis and creation of new organization. "


Arief Setiawan,

Deputy VP HR Operation at Sinarmas Mining

Shape and visualize your future workforce

Once you’ve designed your future organization with Nakisa OrgDesign to align with upcoming changes (reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, reduction in force, succession planning, and more), you can use Org Chart to create organizational charts, visualize, and share them with your team, with just a few clicks.

"Our rapid growth required a solution to accelerate our transformation processes. Nakisa gives us an accurate understanding of our current organization and the capacity to properly align workforce with strategy. "


Elouise Brown,

Sr. Director, HR Systems and Technology, Comcast Cable
Create and visualize organizational charts for upcoming and potential changes. Easily share them with your team.
Easily share and show your org charts to everyone who needs to see them. Expore org charts in PDF, PNG, PPT, and more.

Share interactive links and export org charts

Share your organization charts with ease. Give interactive links to your team so that they can explore org changes on their own time. Export your organizational charts in PDF, PowerPoint, or PNG for flexibility. Keep everyone in your company informed of the current structure and metrics as well as future plans.

"By integrating Nakisa with PeopleSoft, all employees have complete visibility of structural information, making it easier for them to find the information they need to do their jobs more effectively. "


Dave Mawby,

Manager, App Support at City of Oshawa 

Ready to really learn the ins and outs of your enterprise's organizational structure?

A comprehensive workforce planning portfolio for your operational excellence

Do it all in one solution! The broader Nakisa Workforce Planning Portfolio is made up of three software suites: The Org Chart Suite, offering powerful, intuitive organization visualization; the Org Design Suite, offering top-to-bottom org scenario modeling and organizational design; and the Strategic Workforce Planning Suite, offering cutting edge analytics and headcount planning. See how else you can optimize your workforce planning.
Nakisa Org Chart is a Part of Workforce Planning Portfolio

Wondering about compliance, cyber security, data privacy, ease of use, or customer support?

Relax. We have you covered.

Ease of use

All solutions in the Nakisa HR Suite are designed for all users in an enterprise, regardless of their technical skill levels. Intuitive interfaces, reports and dashboards are available out-of-the-box, and can be configured to serve any use case. Each user has their own role with specific permissions so that everyone gets as many or as few functions as their job demands.

Compliance guaranteed

Export data to demonstrate compliance or facilitate audits with a couple of clicks. Nakisa OrgInsight’s org chart software is designed to meet global enterprise needs, and satisfies a wide range of standards for optimal compliance and security. It complies with:

Cyber security and data privacy

All Nakisa solutions are built on a secure platform with data encryption, role-based access control, and audit capabilities to ensure compliance requirements. We utilize a leading IAM solution Keycloak to provide our clients with advanced authentication and authorization features.

Onboarding and customer support

We offer expert guidance for systems deployment with robust project governance and executive sponsors throughout the process. Our onboarding and implementation services are structured, easy to use, and supported by experts with the experience with complex environments.

Each Nakisa client has a dedicated Account Manager and a 24/7/365 support team to answer all the questions. We always provide our users with training materials and guides. Also, we have training sessions and webinars to showcase best practices and discover the pain points of our clients.


Built on independent microservices, Nakisa HR Suite’s uptime is 99.5%. Even if in the rare case where a microservice experiences downtime, no other microservice is affected. Nakisa is a failure-tolerant and self-healing system that ensures continuity for enterprise clients.

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