Nakisa OrgInsight

Get real-time visibility into your organization’s global workforce

When you use Nakisa OrgInsight, you get all your HR data in one place to power the most configurable and exportable org charts, HR reports, and dashboards.
Nakisa OrgInsight

Get real-time visibility into your organization’s global workforce

When you use Nakisa OrgInsight, you get all your HR data in one place to power the most configurable and exportable org charts, HR reports, and dashboards.
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Clear, concise org charts and HR analytics for HR professionals and managers

Easily get value out of enterprise HR data. Move from data to insights and quickly find answers to your most important HR and business questions. Eliminate the complexities from understanding, reporting, and analyzing massive amounts of data.
Gain real-time visibility into your organizational structure. Create org charts that once took hours or even days in just seconds, visualizing and condensing massive data in digestible ways. These charts are automatically fed by your ERP and HCM data – eliminating the need for Excel, Visio, or PPT. Focus on building teams, not charts.
Nakisa is the only org chart solution on the market whose summary charts condense and display massive data in digestible ways. It’s very configurable, allowing you to see as much or as little detail as you need to make tactical and strategic HR staffing decisions.

Use prebuilt charts to visualize organizational details, including lines of business, demographics, geography, tenure, team structures, functions, reporting relationships, span of control, vacancies, salaries, and more. Segregate data by multiple criteria, apply smart filters, and view complex reporting structures including matrix org charts and dotted-lines.

Visualize key HR KPIs right in your org chart to cut down time spent jumping across files and screens. Proactively achieve optimal span of control, layers, and headcounts. Gain insight into how your organization’s staffing has changed over time.
Nakisa is among the only org chart solutions that allow you to pull org charts from previous years. See what you need to see, including changing titles, responsibilities, team structures, chains of command, and more. Easily compare years of change in your current organization structure. Then design your future organization to align with upcoming changes (mergers and acquisitions, reduction in force, succession planning, and more).

Share your organization charts with ease. Give interactive links to your team so that they can explore org changes on their own time. Export your organizational charts in PDF, PowerPoint, or PNG for flexibility. Keep everyone in your company informed of the current structure and metrics as well as future plans.

Visualize complex reporting structures, add metrics, apply filters, and customize data views as needed. Save your customized views.
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View your organization’s talent from every angle. Drill down, filter, and organize the information in intuitive reports and dashboards, automatically fueled by your ERP and HCM data. No need for Excel or BI. See everything you need to manage your HR today and plan for your organization’s future.
Identify areas with data quality issues and fix errors with ease using intuitive pre-configured or customized dashboard layouts.
Build trust and collaboration with finance, business executives, and key stakeholders with thorough reporting on mission-critical HR initiatives such as ESG, DEI, financials, and more. Share charts with ease via interactive links or export them in PDF, PowerPoint, or PNG for flexibility.
Deepen your understanding of your organization’s state by visualizing past and current trends. Proactively improve HR KPIs and achieve objectives on span of control, layers, and headcount.
Get out-of-the-box reports on mission-critical HR initiatives like ESG, DEI, and financials. Use people analytics, recruitment, termination, succession management, and span of control dashboards on Day 1.
Create ad-hoc dashboards easily with no BI skills required. Slice and dice data, choose any parameters you want to monitor, and set granular permissions for your team.

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Slice and dice data with cutting edge HR analytics

From a bird’s eye view to the nitty gritty details, view your enterprise’s talent from all angles. Drill down, filter, and organize the information in responsive dashboards and interactive org chart views any way you need it.

Rely on one platform for all the HR information you need.
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"We never had a single consistent source of truth in organization data, but now with the help of Nakisa we can have a single source of truth, just log into the system and voila we get what we need. "
Eric H. Sidarta
HRIS Planning Manager, Sinarmas
"By integrating Nakisa with PeopleSoft, all employees have complete visibility of structural information, making it easier for them to find the information they need to do their jobs more effectively."
Dave Mawby
Manager, App Support, City of Oshawa

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Unique ESG reports tailored to the social pilar component to improve compliance to ESG standards and value proposition in the context of HR and talent strategy

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Threshold-based notifications on selected mission-critical metrics to proactively address KPIs in real-time, fueling responsiveness

Nakisa OrgAI is part of the Nakisa HR suite software. Nakisa creates solutions for enterprise-grade companies to help them centralize their HR data and get actionable insights with various pre-built reports and dashboards. Let us show you the full Nakisa power during our demo. Book a quick call now, no strings attached!

Nakisa OrgDesign is part of the Nakisa HR Suite of software and is designed to help you build responsive organizations. Discover more unique capabilities that untangle the complexities of organizational change.

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