Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Software ROI Calculator

Unlock the hidden costs of using a legacy, isolated commercial real estate solution

Use Nakisa Commercial Real Estate Software ROI calculator and find out how much money you are losing by using a legacy commercial real estate solution.

Using a legacy system, isolated solution, or Excel for your real estate operations and management negatively impacts your organization’s financial.

An enterprise-grade commercial real estate software, such as Nakisa Real Estate (NRE), brings together your real estate portfolios, accountings, and operations and offers a single end-to-end platform to effectively manage all owned, leased, and sub-leases properties.

Finding the right CRE software of this caliber requires careful consideration. To assist you in this decision-making process, we have developed this ROI calculator. By providing a few simple data points below, you will receive a personalized estimation of the potential savings you can expect when you opt for NRE.

Calculate how much money you can save by leveraging a next-level CRE Software

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Step 2: Calculate your annual savings

Why choose NRE as your
Commercial Real Estate Software

NRE is a single, end-to-end Commercial Real Estate Management solution that allows you to manage all your owned, leased, sub-leased assets throughout their entire lifecycle by offering:

Ready to move off spreadsheets or an outdated legacy real estate database?

See how NRE assists enterprises in optimizing their real estate portfolios

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