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Precise Lease Accounting: Accurate Numbers at Year-End, Month-End, Every Day's End

With Nakisa software, your numbers are correct anytime.
Here’s our approach:

The numbers make us feel 100% confident that the information we enter into the system is correct. It is a very precise tool.

Francisco Javier Chavez Espinosa, accounting analyst at Grupo Gondi

Get Robust Features for Each Lease Lifecycle Phase

By optimizing lease accounting and lease lifecycle management with Nakisa, you will reduce manual errors, ensure time and cost savings, and let your team focus on strategic tasks

Lease data capture and import in (NLA)

Lease Data Capture

Lease Accounting and Administration

Transaction posting and payment in Nakisa Lease Administration

Transaction Posting and Payment


Our lease accounting software automates parallel compliance across multiple standards (ASC 842, IFRS 16, local GAAP) and also offers:
Disclosure reports and auditing in NLA software

Auditing and Reporting

Nakisa provides you with easily auditable and highly configurable reports with drill-down

Global enterprises with heavy lease portfolios use NLA

Tackle Lease Management Challenges for Global Enterprises

Our lease accounting software is designed for:

With the number of lease contracts we have, we needed a scalable software that could be operational before our IFRS 16 compliance deadlines. After an extensive vendor selection process, we identified that Nakisa is the best solution.

John van Oorschot,
Head of Global Controlling at INEOS

Harmonize Lease-Related Data Across ALL Systems

Think of Nakisa Lease Administration as the central hub that is fed by and feeds an enterprise’s various ERP systems (SAP ECC, SAP S4/HANA, Oracle), isolated databases, and SaaS solutions. It ensures smooth lease administration and continuously updated lease data for the entire environment.

With the robust capability of bidirectional ERP integrations and REST APIs, our software is ready to plug into any system you work with.

ERP integrations and data centralization in NLA software

The integration is really important, because once we have verified that contracts are captured correctly in the Nakisa system, we don’t want to worry if in the ERP the data are also correct and to run complex reconciliations every month.

Dana Jircikova,
Head of Capital and Financial Investments Reporting, Nestle

See how Nakisa Lease Administration empowers lease management and accounting for global market leaders

Achieve accounting compliance across multiple standards


Our Advanced Configurability Mirrors Your Real-Life Operations

Configure Nakisa at different levels: the whole environment, selected ERP, company, or entity. You can also tailor and evolve workflows to perfectly align with your operational needs.

Asset-Level Accounting

In a single contract, multiple lease assets may have different lives: amortization period start, end dates, and events (modification, renewal, buyout, termination, etc.).

Company-Level Configuration

Set the default values, split postings across cost centers, and configure fields either for individual companies or uniformly at the environment level.

Segregation of Duties

Ensure role-based access control and design the workflows of data gathering and approvals across various teams.

The cloud-native architecture of Nakisa Lease Administration (NLA)

Our Cloud-Native Architecture Brings Unmatched Capabilities to Your Workflow

Nakisa Cloud Platform enables us to do what others can’t! With advanced technologies and microservices, we offer fast deployment and upgrades, uptime availability of 99.5%, and outstanding scalability.

Our Support Team Ensures Your Digital Experience

Let's have a no-obligation call

Our solution experts will answer all your questions, share the best lease accounting practices with you, and explain how your company can benefit from Nakisa’s lease management software.

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We Guarantee Your Data Security

Our lease accounting software is built on a secure
platform with:

Enhanced data security in Nakisa Lease Administration (NLA)

Fast Implementation and Migration

Nakisa team goes beyond to ensure timely high-quality implementation and a seamless migration from your previous solution

I think it’s safe to say we got Nakisa into more markets faster than we had any other software program we’ve ever installed across Walmart.”

Shawn Husband,

Walmart Senior Director Global Lease Center of Expertise

I feared that implementing the system and mastering the platform would be very difficult. We had little time. Fortunately, Nakisa’s team was there to train us and never left us in the dark”
Francisco Javier Chavez Espinosa,

accounting analyst at Grupo Gondi

The upgrade was done by the Nakisa team without any major issues. It was smoother than we could have anticipated considering the volume of historical data.”

Dana Jircikova,

Financial Investments Reporting, Nestle’s Corporate Financial Reporting Team

Your Next Steps with Nakisa Lease Administration Software

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Get A Custom Demo

Tell us about your specific challenges and goals, and we'll share the best practices with you. Let's have a no-obligation call where you can discover Nakisa software and how you can benefit from its features.

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Probe Nakisa with Your Sample Data

Provide us with the samples of contracts you're using, and we'll show you how your data will turn into insights in NLA. Get the look and feel of Nakisa software before the transition.

3 |

Discuss Data Migration

Let's discuss technical aspects related to data integration, migration, and cyber security. We'll take care of your migration even from several data sources and work closely with your team to audit and validate the process.

4 |

Go live and boost your lease accounting

Implement Nakisa Lease Administration and enjoy automation from day one.
Gather all lease-related data in one place and identify potential errors and cost-saving opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lease accounting software?

Lease accounting software is designed to help companies manage and report leases in compliance with financial standards like IFRS 16, ASC 842, and local GAAP. These recent standards require companies to recognize most lease liabilities on their balance sheets. Also, lease accounting software centralizes all lease-related information, including key dates and payment amounts, and automates complex calculations such as lease liabilities and right-of-use asset amortizations. The software is especially useful for global enterprises because it streamlines the management of vast lease portfolios across different regions, ensures consistent compliance in varying regulatory environments, and provides centralized oversight, reducing the complexity and risks associated with multinational operations.

What to look for in lease accounting software?

If your company is looking for new lease management software, begin by assessing your lease portfolio needs. Next, examine the functionalities offered by various vendors. Key considerations include compliance with lease accounting standards, integration capabilities, automation and analytics, data security, and scalability. For a comprehensive guide and checklist, refer to our Ultimate Guide on Choosing Lease Management Software. There, you will find three key steps for choosing the ideal software and a detailed vendor scorecard/RFP checklist to objectively assess market solutions.

What is the latest lease accounting standard?

The most recent major lease accounting standards are IFRS 16 and ASC 842. IFRS 16, effective from January 1, 2019, replaced IAS 17 and mandates lessees to recognize most leases on their balance sheets. ASC 842 replaced ASC 840 in the U.S., with varying effective dates for public and private entities, starting December 15, 2018, for public entities.

What accounting standards does Nakisa Lease Administration software support?

Nakisa Lease Administration (NLA) supports multiple accounting standards in parallel: IFRS 16, ASC 842, and local GAAP.

What is lease management software?

Lease management software is primarily designed to help organizations manage and streamline the various aspects of their lease portfolio. It focuses on the operational and administrative aspects of leases, such as tracking lease agreements, monitoring lease terms and dates, and facilitating lease-related communication and collaboration. Lease management software typically includes features for lease document storage, reminders for important lease events, asset management (for equipment or real estate leases).

The terms “lease management software” and “lease accounting software” may be used interchangeably, but they have slight differences in their meaning. Lease management software focuses on operational aspects like tracking and document storage, while lease accounting software is specifically designed for financial tasks such as compliance with accounting standards and automated reporting.

What is Nakisa Lease Administration (NLA) Software?

Nakisa Lease Administration is a cloud-native solution that assists global enterprises in streamlining lease accounting and lease management. It helps manage a variety of leases (equipment, land, fleet, real estate), ensuring compliance with IFRS 16, ASC 842, and local GAAP. By automating operations, NLA minimizes manual error risks and calculates expenses in line with accounting standards. Many Fortune 1000 companies use Nakisa for enhanced lease portfolio visibility and operational excellence.

Is Nakisa Lease Administration cloud-based or on-prem software?

Nakisa Lease Administration is the next-gen software that was designed from the ground up in the cloud and leverages the latest cloud-native technologies. NLA offers all the benefits of a cloud-based solution and goes beyond them by adding exceptional scalability, performance, and innovations. If you’re looking for a cloud-based solution, you’re in good hands.

From on-prem to cloud-based and then to cloud-native technologies, the Nakisa team has had a great journey. Feel free to reach out to us about any use case you have, and we’ll figure out the best option for you.

Is Nakisa Lease Administration for lessee or lessor accounting?

Nakisa’s lease accounting software includes modules for both lessee and lessor. You can use each of them or both in parallel.

Can Nakisa Lease Administration (NLA) support a heavy lease portfolio? How many lease contracts and what types of leases can NLA handle?

Nakisa Lease Administration effectively supports a robust lease portfolio, accommodating a substantial number of lease contracts (100,000-1,000,000) with diverse assets that have distinct lease lifecycles and events. NLA seamlessly handles various lease types, including real estate, land, vehicles, equipment, and operating leases. Designed for complex scenarios, NLA is adaptable to situations like indexation, rent escalation, multiple vendors, non-standard calendars, and more.

Does Nakisa Lease Administration offer native ERP integrations?

Yes, Nakisa Lease Administration software provides native bidirectional ERP integrations. It works seamlessly with SAP ECC and SAP S4/HANA and supports Oracle. We can connect multiple ERPs of various nature (for example, you can have integration with tens of different SAP and Oracle at the same time).

Can the NLA software integrate with other financial systems used by my organization?

Certainly, Nakisa Lease Administration seamlessly integrates with various financial systems within your organization. Its cloud-native architecture facilitates advanced integrability, allowing NLA to easily connect with your existing systems through native integrations (ERP), APIs (third-party SaaS tools like Blackline), or flat file integrations

Can I import lease agreements from spreadsheets or legacy solutions to Nakisa Lease Administration software?

Absolutely! Nakisa Lease Administration allows easy import of lease agreements from spreadsheets or legacy solutions. The software supports mass import from Excel, complete with data validation tools to ensure accurate migration. Additionally, our Nakisa team is ready to assist in migrating data from your previous lease management software. We collaborate closely with your team to audit and validate the migration process, even when dealing with multiple data sources.

Does NLA support multiple languages and currencies?

Yes, Nakisa Lease Administration software is designed to support multiple languages, currencies, and accounting standards for various regions. Our solution is trusted by global leaders across diverse markets. Reach out to our experts for more details.

Can I set different roles in Nakisa Lease Administration software?

Yes, you can. Nakisa offers various default roles, each has different access permissions from the data entry and lease definition to contract approvals, lease modifications, management reporting, financial disclosure reporting, and more. Learn more by watching a video or speaking with our expert.

What training and support options are provided for users of Nakisa Lease Administration?

Nakisa prioritizes client support, ensuring dedicated client support 24/7/365 and an assigned customer success manager for each client. We offer comprehensive onboarding materials and monthly training through NLA Office Hours and NLA User Group.

NLA Office Hours provide insights into new features, while User Group sessions facilitate discussions among our user community on various use cases and scenarios. Access our training resources on YouTube and C Portal, or join live sessions by signing up here. Also, check our Resource Center for more step-by-step guidelines. We are dedicated to empowering users with the necessary knowledge and support.

Which security, privacy, and reliability standards does Nakisa Lease Administration comply with?

Nakisa’s lease management software adheres to security, privacy, and reliability standards, including SOC 1 (Type I and II), SOC 2 (Type I and II), and GDPR (full ITGC). It offers data encryption both in rest and transit, along with the audit log functionality to track and roll back all changes if needed.

What level of customization and scalability does NLA offer?

NLA offers extensive configurability and scalability, making them its competitive advantage on the market of the lease management and accounting software. From flexible asset accounting to granular permissions for segregation of duties (SoD), NLA can be tailored to perfectly fit your organization and workflows. Its cloud-native architecture ensures unparalleled scalability, making it ideal for global enterprises with hundreds of thousands of contracts and high-volume monthly activity. Chat with our experts for more details.

What is the pricing structure and licensing model for the software?

Nakisa Lease Administration solution pricing is based on multiple factors. Our pricing is designed to ensure that the way you structure your contracts and operations is fully up to you and you don't need to worry about additional costs from your lease accounting software provider. Contact us for a customized pricing solution tailored to your needs.

How often is the software updated, and how are updates managed? Is there any upgrade fee involved?

Nakisa follows a commitment to continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, releasing patches every 6-8 weeks and two major updates annually. Notably, there are no upgrade fees. Our goal is to bring industry innovations to all clients, ensuring they benefit maximally from our products.

What is the implementation process, and how long does it typically take to get up and running?

Our professional services are well-versed in different types of implementations. They will be happy to sit down with you and prepare the plan that is the most suitable for your organization, all with respect to your timeframe and resources. Please contact our experts for more details.

Does Nakisa Lease Administration support pre-paid leases?

Yes, Nakisa Lease Administration accommodates pre-paid leases, that can include full-prepayment and partial prepayment.

Full pre-payment: You can pay the entire lease amount upfront, even before the contract begins. Although the liability is zero, NLA facilitates depreciation and overall lease management throughout its lifecycle.

Partial pre-payment: If your company doesn't require full upfront payment but has specific pre-payments stipulated in the contract before signing, NLA fully supports these pre-payments.

Can I modify lease contracts at any point in Nakisa Lease Administration?

Nakisa’s lease management software can support a great range of lease events and modifications during the life of the contract. You can apply modifications to a lease contract or an activation group. Here are some of the events we support: contract rate change (to update the contract rate or IBR), terms & conditions reassessment (to exercise or un-exercise terms); indexation; asset impairment; decrease in term; decrease in asset; early buy-out, termination, and more.

How does NLA handle lease accounting, including calculations for lease liabilities and right-of-use assets?

Our application has a powerful engine that is created in full compliance with the standard guidance (IFRS 16, ASC 842, and local GAAP). We provide comprehensive transactions for every type of event during the life of a contract. Reach out to our experts for more details.

What lease calculation methods and models are supported for determining lease liabilities and right-of-use assets?

Our calculations are based on the guidance from the current lease accounting standards (IFRS 16 and ASC 842). The lease liability is based on the present value of future lease payments, whereas the right-of-use assets include the lease liability. NLA offers features enabling you to add or deduct only in accordance with the standard you use.

What types of reporting and analytics are supported in Nakisa Lease Administration? What audit reports does it offer?

Accounting reports:

NLA helps you to create various disclosure reports under multiple standards (Asset Roll Forward report, Cash Flow report, Expense report, Lease Liability report, Maturity Analysis report, Non-Lease Charge Expense report, Weighted Avg Discount Rate report, and Weighted Avg Lease Term report). We provide out-of-the-box reports, ad-hoc reports, and highly configurable dashboards on-the-fly for additional analysis.

Security reports:

We also have audit logs reports that include a full change log and audit trail and capture each time-stamped event with user ID, comments, and other relevant details. This information is always available and always remains linked to your contracts.


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