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Why you should join us?

We believe that happy and engaged teams are what allow us to meet the challenges of our global customers. That’s why at Nakisa, we support our employees in the following ways:

Continual Learning

Stimulating and Challenging Work

Supportive and Friendly Atmosphere

Growth and Opportunity

Downtown Location

Free Healthy Breakfast



3 Week min. Vacation


Group Matching RRSP

Unlimited Paid Sick days

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Unity in Diversity

The best way to describe our culture is “unity in diversity”. Our learning and experience at Nakisa is enriched by having colleagues from different backgrounds, race, ethnicities, religions, nationalities, cultures, genders and orientations, and beliefs working towards a unified purpose.

Our Journey

Working together as good friends, we have truly discovered the power of Unity and team work. As such, we have been able to maintain our start up personality while competing with world class companies. Our positive and encouraging culture, makes our journey fun.

Our Evolution

Working in a fast-growing organization, we rise to meet the challenges of our global customers. This provides us the opportunity to develop skills, acquire knowledge, and grow continually.

Our success

Building a product that has a positive impact, working in a spirit of unity and friendship, practicing values such as humility and fairness, gives us a sense of accomplishment that goes beyond our daily work.

Explore the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and how Nakisa applies these principles to the workplace.

See what our colleagues do and what they
like about Nakisa !

Minh Vu

Senior Software developer

Tell us about your role at Nakisa.

My main responsibilities are to understand clients’ needs and challenges, come up with solutions, and design and implement them. At Nakisa, each developer owns the features we have, so I not only ensure the code is bug-free, but also that the final product is high quality, easy to use, and useful in our clients’ day-to-day. When not coding, I will be the next awesome features we are going to build next, helping my colleagues, or sometimes just enjoying bad jokes from my teammates.

What do you like about Nakisa?

Joining Nakisa 5 years ago, I was amazed by how a company such as Nakisa can build world-class products trusted by the Fortune 1000, but now I see why. When I joined as an intern without much experience, I was encouraged to work with things that interested me, to speak up my thoughts, to stand for what I believed in, and to discuss and challenge ideas. I learned from my colleagues how to trust others, and give them the freedom to work and thrive because that is how I was treated. And that is why I am working at Nakisa.

Zynor Majeed

Product UX Designer 

Tell us about your role at Nakisa.

Developing amazing software achieves little if your users are unable to work with it. As a Product UX Designer, I strive to keep our product designs usable, clear, and simple. Through cross-functional collaboration with internal experts and constant research, I maintain our design system and advise peers on UX decisions through all phases of the product journey.

What do you like about Nakisa?

We come from all walks of life, and we share those experiences to help each other grow. Most people I’ve met have been eager learners and quick to lend a hand when needed. Even as we shifted to working from home, and realized the challenge of staying social, my teams and I have always found ways to keep our day-to-day fun, and make sure we’re taking care of each other.

Rafi Azad

Senior Solution Consultant 

Tell us about your role at Nakisa.

As a Senior Solution Consultant at Nakisa, I must work and use my Project Management expertise, technical skills, and most importantly client servicing skill for delivering a smooth journey for our clients during the Project life cycle. The work requires collaboration with internal Nakisa teams and client project team so that makes this an amazing learning experience allowing me to work with so many great minds.

What do you like about Nakisa?

Nakisa for me is the people, it’s not only my workplace but my second family, and all these colleagues we work with make this company an amazing place to be at!
In addition to that, we already have so many facilities which the company offer! Competitive salary, events every month, beautiful office, constant learning, and growth opportunities, so it is the best place to work!

Talar Manoukian

Project Manager

Tell us about your role at Nakisa.

My role as a project manager consists of being the interface of the company to the clients by delivering projects. Within this role, I work extensively with different internal teams to make sure the project scope is delivered with the promised quality, within the expected timelines, and respecting the budget – hence assuring the satisfaction and happiness of the clients. As a project manager, I also wear the hat of voicing out client concerns internally for process, product, and service enhancements.

What do you like about Nakisa?

At Nakisa, each individual has a voice and sees the impact of his/her efforts on the team and company level – which I believe is very motivating. Also, the nonhierarchical attitude ensures a family-like spirit. The knowledgeable and diverse people at Nakisa make the environment very interesting and enjoyable.

Catalina Turriago

Contract Manager and Compliance

Tell us about your role at Nakisa.

I work in the legal department at Nakisa. I have the opportunity to work with different departments every day and make an impact in the company. Technology is a constantly developing industry so being part of the legal team at a tech company requires you to be agile to always be up to date with new legal requirements and regulations. If you enjoy learning something new every day, Nakisa is the place for you!

What do you like about Nakisa?

My favorite part of Nakisa is its people and culture. Everyone at Nakisa is friendly and willing to help you when needed. Also, at Nakisa all ideas are welcomed. It’s exciting to come to work every day when you know you make a real difference!


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