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Real estate analytics software for timely insights and proactive business decisions

With Nakisa's analytics and reporting software, easily slice and dice real estate data, identify trends, and act with better-informed business decisions. Do your best work by using no-code formulas like in Excel and advanced customization like in a BI tool.

Benefit from Nakisa's commercial real estate analytics and reporting software to analyze your real estate data

Nakisa's commercial real estate analytics software is designed for...

Commercial tenants of all industries (retail, banking, manufacturing, offices, and more!) managing 300+ leased, sub-leased, or owned locations. Those are the roles Nakisa’s reports and dashboards will empower:

Real Estate Executives

Get a bird's-eye view of commercial real estate portfolio performance and ensure it aligns with the business strategy. Analyze global vs. regional performance and drill down as needed.


Contract Administrators

Receive automatic notifications and scheduled reports on upcoming critical dates or clauses. Easily monitor rent-roll data and payment schedules by lease and analyze periodic variances.


Capital Project Managers

Have all the historical data and predictive analytics to determine business actions on your fixed assets. Analyze past and forecasted performances to identify the optimal course of action for your business.


Third Parties (vendor, landlord, or tenant)

Leverage comprehensive reports for vendors, landlords, or tenants. Easily collaborate on the real estate portfolio by using NRE as your single source of truth for commercial real estate data.

Our powerful analytics engine is ready to be configured to match your unique business needs in commercial real estate (CRE)

Visualize your CRE data as you like: dashboards, reports, or both

Once the data is in NRE, you can visualize it. Get stand-alone reports and dashboards, or create preferred views with multiple charts and tables that are crucial for your role—no BI skills required. Easily switch from chart to table view or vice versa to efficiently track the metrics.
You can share your reports and dashboards with other users (based on their permissions) or export the reports in Excel format.

Slice and dice your commercial real estate data with custom fields and filters

Nakisa’s real estate analytics software handles any complex scenario. Dynamically select datasets to populate your specific dashboards or reports, adding fields, columns, and values. If you need to drill down even further, leverage pre-built filters or configure new ones in just a few clicks!

Beyond simple representation: calculate and manage CRE data directly in your reports

Nakisa reports not only display data but also perform calculations. From basic operations such as summing or averaging data points to incorporating Excel-style formulas for more intricate scenarios, Nakisa’s real estate reporting software makes dynamic data analysis a breeze.

Leverage industry-standard real estate reports

Nakisa Real Estate software offers pre-built reports for many standard financial and operational uses. You will find out-of-the-box reports on critical dates, CPI indexation, financial obligation, CAM reconciliation, and percentage rent among others. These reports can be easily configured to meet your specific requirements.
Leverage out-of-the-box reports and analytics for commercial real estate in Nakisa's software
Besides powerful reporting and analytics, Nakisa Real Estate software offers advanced features for commercial real estate portfolio management, including workflow automation, percentage rent calculation, CAM reconciliation, and more.

Easily connect NRE with other systems and manage the data flow in and out

Seamlessly connect to your ERPs (SAP or Oracle)

You can easily plug NRE into your SAP ECC, SAP S4/HANA, or Oracle ERP and import all the relevant data. Nakisa offers native bidirectional ERP integration to ensure your teams always work with accurate, up-to-date numbers.

Leverage APIs to integrate with other SaaS products

Seamlessly transmit CRE data between NRE and your preferred platforms. With Nakisa open APIs, you can also extract data from NRE and generate reports in external BI tools.

Be 100% sure about your data security and privacy

Nakisa ensures that only people with the corresponding access can see and create reports and dashboards. Besides role-based access control, we offer single sign-on (SSO), data encryption in rest and transit, and compliance with SOC I Type 2, SOC II Type 2, and GDPR requirements. Read more ↗
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