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IFRS 16 Software for Lease Accounting and Compliance

Choose the best IFRS 16 compliance software on the market! Designed for international businesses, Nakisa centralizes and automates lease accounting operations and ensures precise reporting under the IFRS 16 lease accounting standard. Easily track the right-of-use assets and liabilities, classify operating and finance leases, and automate your lease accounting with Nakisa.

Why implement Nakisa's IFRS 16 lease accounting software solution for international businesses?

Nakisa was among the first few companies in the world to deliver lease management and lease accounting software designed to maintain compliance with IFRS 16, ASC 842, and local GAAP. It enables global businesses that must report under the IASB’s international accounting standards to accurately track all aspects of their lease agreements for any tangible leased assets (such as property, equipment, fleet, and land). Whether you’re a global organization or a business with international operations, we can help. Read More

Nakisa’s lease accounting solution supports finance teams in maintaining compliance with IFRS 16 standards by centralizing lease data management. It facilitates seamless management of lease terms and administration for both lessor and lessee accounting, including the treatment of low-value assets and primary lease payments. Additionally, our software streamlines the transition from IAS 17 to IFRS 16, ensuring accurate recognition of assets and lease liabilities separately on the balance sheet. With tailored functionalities for managing leases of equipment and real estate, Nakisa empowers organizations to optimize lease management processes and ensure compliance throughout.

How can we support your IFRS 16 compliance initiatives?

Nakisa Lease Administration software is used by organizations worldwide to support compliance with lease accounting standards. With key features and functionalities to support the unique lease accounting requirements for global companies, Nakisa’s IFRS 16 accounting software helps to:

Lease Accounting

Benefit from contract and asset-level accounting. You'll have all the functionality to track lease data, modify leases in batches, manage lease payments, and ensure accurate disclosure reporting.

Lease Management

Facilitate lease lifecycle management from data import and ERP synchronization to lease buyout or termination. Designed for all lease types: vehicles, land, real estate, and equipment leases.

International Use Cases

Available in multiple languages and made for global use with foreign currency translation, Nakisa supports IFRS 16, ASC 842, and local GAAP accounting standards, as well as non-calendar fiscal year reporting.

Flexible Deployment

Leverage cloud technology and rapid deployment to get you up and running with a fully integrated solution to automate postings in your GL in any ERP (SAP ECC, SAP S4/HANA, Oracle, and more) and other financial modules.

IFRS 16 compliance and accounting software with all functionalities in an intuitive interface

Nakisa Lease Administration software offers comprehensive lease management capabilities that cover the entire lease lifecycle, from the initial contract inception to the eventual termination. With our reporting functionality, you can easily generate pre-configured disclosure reports that can be used to build your financial statements. Our finance platform is built to handle the accounting needs of both lessees and lessors, as well as real estate management.

Data abstraction and lease determination. initial recognition of ROU assets. Sub-sequent measurements-amortization. interst accural and payment. disclosure reporting

Streamline compliance
and optimize business processes

Implementing robust lease accounting software empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of standards like IFRS 16, ASC 842, and GASB 87. Additionally, it automates lease accounting processes, streamlines collaboration, and eliminates manual tasks and errors. By adhering to best practices in financial reporting and lease management, businesses can achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

Fast and easy setup

Importing spreadsheets with your finance data is made easy thanks to our automated Mass Import function.

Synced ledgers

Schedule journal postings to your ERP’s Account Payables with accruals, payments, and asset depreciation.

Batch operations

Master CPI change or remeasurements of multiple assets thanks to our mass modification function.

Accounting and compliance functionalities that you need available in an
intuitive easy-to-use interface

Transition to IFRS 16 and ASC 842 lease accounting standards

The transition to IFRS 16 and ASC 842 represents a significant change in lease accounting, requiring companies to incorporate most leases into their balance sheets, thereby affecting their lease portfolio and lease administration practices. Read More Read More

Required by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), these standards demand a comprehensive software solution that not only manages the entire lease lifecycle from initiation to termination but also ensures compliance with the latest international financial reporting standards. Such software simplifies the complex lease accounting processes, facilitating the accurate calculation of lease liabilities and right-of-use (ROU) assets, while also accommodating the nuances of finance leases and operating leases. Early users of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) IFRS 16 standard would attest that lease compliance to new leasing standards might be difficult if your strategy isn’t well thought out. Even for an established business, incorporating leases into the general ledger involves more than just corporate finance teams’ simple commitment because leases have historically been outside the balance sheet. Nakisa’s IFRS 16 accounting software is your ideal partner in this situation as it has combined the best corporate accounting and technology know-how into a single solution.

Grow with confidence: IFRS 16 lease accounting software designed for large portfolios of property, equipment, fleet, and land assets

Nakisa Lease Administration provides advanced features for both lessees and lessors, specifically designed to handle complex scenarios involving thousands of lease contracts with numerous monthly modifications, and a variety of terms and conditions, currencies, languages, and irregular calendars. Unlike legacy software, Nakisa Lease Administration is built on a scalable infrastructure, which enables faster growth and long-term scalability. Take advantage of Nakisa’s round-the-clock support, online training, center of excellence, and dedicated account managers to maximize your benefits. With Nakisa, you can achieve more in less time.

More than a fiscal year-end reporting tool, an everyday lease accounting platform

Nakisa’s lease accounting software is not a one-time use reporting tool for preparing disclosure notes. It is a comprehensive finance platform that assists you in managing lease contracts throughout their entire lifecycle. One-time fees, casualty events, unit replacements, and early terminations will be recorded as they occur. Our solution also includes lessor accounting and real estate management components, with ongoing development to expand its capabilities even further.

Dual reporting of US GAAP and IFRS 16 using a single tool with ease

As a global company, it is necessary to comply with both ASC 842 and IFRS 16, but there’s no need to have separate solutions. With Nakisa’s lease accounting software, you can manage all your leases under both standards simultaneously on one unified platform. Our solution accommodates each standard’s unique requirements and allows you to generate disclosure reports accordingly.

Rapid deployment to start reporting on leases sooner

To help you get up and running faster, we developed a rapid deployment methodology. Leveraging standalone capabilities and cloud technology, Nakisa’s rapid deployment can get you up and running in a matter of weeks. See how we can support your compliance initiatives as quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of risk as possible.

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