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Enterprise-grade lessee and lessor accounting solution for real estate, fleet, and equipment leases

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The most comprehensive lease accounting software
for IFRS 16, ASC 842, and GASB 87 compliance

There is a reason why Fortune 1000 companies trust Nakisa Lease Administration for their lease accounting and compliance. Global companies are looking for finance software that excels at accounting practices and guarantees both control and accessibility, while achieving accuracy and completeness of finance data. Nakisa Lease Administration goes beyond that requirement. It provides an innovative, scalable framework for heavy lease portfolios with diverse assets, complex terms and conditions, and sustained activity.

Full Lease Lifecycle Management Solution for Enterprises

Centralize your lessee and lessor accounting operations. Eliminate data reconciliation needs thanks to ERP integration.

Powerful Accounting for Property, Fleet & Equipment Leases

Nakisa Lease Administration can handle any contracts with tangible leased assets, from inception to termination.

Cloud-Based & Built for High Volume, Complexity & Activity

Our solution is fully scalable, delivered as a secure, web-based SaaS application, reducing deployment and adoption time.

Set for Both Leading Compliance Standards and Local GAAP

Reporting under IFRS 16, ASC 842, GASB 87, and local GAAP is simplified, thanks to automated, preformatted reports.

An all-in-one lessee and lessor accounting solution
for global, lease-dependent enterprise

Whether you lease in or out (or both!), Nakisa Lease Administration has all the features you need to sustainably manage your growing portfolios of real estate and equipment leased assets. What’s more, our finance suite includes a property management solution that uses the same lease data to support your corporate and commercial leasing scenarios, such as subleasing with multiple tenants.

Join Fortune 1000 Enterprises from All Industries Achieving Compliance Globally

Our customers come from many industries, including retail, automotive, energy, foods, finance, aviation, and pharmaceuticals. Since the enforcement of IFRS 16, ASC 842, and other local lease accounting standards, our platform has helped large organizations such as Walmart, Exxon, and Air France conform globally. US governmental institutions such as cities, counties, public hospitals, and universities also easily comply with the GASB 87 standards using Nakisa Lease Administration.


Made for global companies counting thousands to millions of leased assets in different languages and multiple currencies

Our typical customers manage dozens of thousands of contracts with a variety of terms and conditions, several currencies, and up to millions of units. With an impressive number of monthly changes, our clients can count on mass modification to effectively remeasure lease liabilities and ROU assets seamlessly. Moreover, Nakisa Lease Administration is ready for scenarios like asset impairment and intercompany transfers. And when it comes to reporting, our solution also offers additional forecasting and planning dashboards

Enjoy first-class cloud technology and innovation, round-the-clock availability, and 24/7 multi-level support

Our engineers continually work on improving our platforms, bringing in the latest technical innovations. Built on the fatest servers, storage, and databases, Nakisa Lease Administration delivers better than its 99.5 percent availability SLA yearly. Our planned maintenance activities are always communicated in advance. To adopt and master the solution, you can always count on our free video training sessions, in-app help, user manuals and admin guides. And when you need assistance, our online support team, along with your dedicated account manager and our center of excellence engineers are always a shout away.


Never go back to paper, spreadsheets, and legacy software again with Nakisa Lease Administration

Trust Nakisa to be your long-term partner. Our solution is in constant evolution to help lease accountants around the world adapt to the changes by IASB, faB, GASB, and other local accounting boards. This, along with our internal User Groups initiative involving end-users and Nakisa in-house lease accounting experts cumulating 50 years of experience, allows us to stay ahead of the game and implement new standards as they are being built.

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Easy integration with popular
ERP and finance solutions

Get your existing finance data right from your ERP into our solution to create a dedicated lease subledger. Set Nakisa Lease Administration to automatically post accruals, payments, and asset depreciation to up to 45 concurrent finance systems and general ledger accounts in SAP or Oracle solutions.

Nakisa Cloud Connector
for SAP

Our solution connects natively to SAP ECC and SAP S4/HANA.

Nakisa Cloud Connector
for Oracle

Our solution integrates with Oracle ERP Cloud and other finance solutions.

Application Programming
Interfaces (APIs)

Need to connect more solutions? It’s always possible with APIs.

Best lease lifecycle management suite on the market

There are many solutions on the market, but only one that will give 360° coverage of your leasing needs. You will never need another platform once you start using Nakisa Lease Administration.

Frequently asked questions on
Nakisa Lease Administration

Nakisa Lease Administration is a secure, user-friendly enterprise cloud platform that unifies your lease accounting and management operations and accelerates compliance with global and local lease standards.
Nakisa Lease Administration includes both a lessee and a lessor accounting platform.
While other solution providers charge you based on the number of lease contracts, Nakisa Lease Administration is licensed per user access.
Yes, you can. There are nine different roles available and assigning a role to a user is straightforward. Each role encompasses different permissions pertaining to data entry and lease definition, agreement or contract approvals, lease modifications, management reporting, financial disclosure reporting, and more.
Yes, there is. There are four different administrative roles: Technical Administrator, Functional Administrator, Power Administration, and Power User.
Nakisa has developed an eLearning Platform named Nakisa University to provide the best possible support to customers and partners. Our administrator and train-the-trainer online programs are designed to accelerate user adoption and get your users independent on day-to-day operations.
With Nakisa Lease Administration, you can manage all operating and capital leases, including fixed, short-term, low-value, and service contracts for both property and equipment leases.
No, Nakisa Lease Administration can either act as a standalone subledger for lease accounting or integrate with your favorite ERP. When connected, the solution can be set either in hybrid or fully connected mode.
Yes, the solution includes functionality to assist in the classification of contracts under IFRS 16, ASC 842, and GASB 87 standards. Nakisa Lease Administration will guide users towards an assessment wizard with final determination based on corporate accounting policies.
Absolutely! Many of our customers have migrated from spreadsheets or legacy solutions. Nakisa Lease Administration can import virtually any flat file and upload most mandatory fields automatically.
The solution provides out-of-the-box disclosure reporting capabilities and includes additional dashboards for financial planning and analysis, and transaction reports for reconciliation purposes. Additional capabilities are supported through integration with 3rd party BI tools using our APIs.
Yes, and available out of the box with no configuration required.
Nakisa Lease Administration is designed to handle all lease-life events including renewals, terminations, reassessment, and casualties in the appropriate accounting period. With built-in lease modification processes to effectively remeasure lease liabilities and ROU assets, our solution is ready for scenarios like asset impairment and intercompany transfers.
Audit reports are available out of the box and include a full change log and audit trail which captures each time-stamped event with user ID, comments, and other relevant details. This information is always available and always remains linked to your contracts.
The solution can capture all data elements to manage, assess and perform the appropriate accounting for master lease agreements as well as addendums, schedules, and contracts. Data elements are easily configurable to support each individual customer's business processes.
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