Webinar | June 19 2024 at 10 am ET | 7 am PT | 4 pm CET

Introducing cloud-native Nakisa Workforce Planning Portfolio

Join our webinar to explore Nakisa’s new product portfolio, covering a wide range of real-life use cases for large enterprises. Discover how to bridge your operational and strategic workforce planning and future-proof your workforce with our innovative cloud-native software.
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Best practices on how to balance top-down and bottom-up approaches to workforce planning with next-gen HR technology;

An insightful overview of Nakisa's latest portfolio, featuring major use cases and real-life examples from large enterprises;

A chance to win a FREE copy of the best workforce planning books by participating in our raffle!

Webinar description

In modern workforce planning, enterprise HR professionals need to maintain a delicate equilibrium between the supply and demand of talent across a litany of complex situations. They also have to collaborate with numerous stakeholders as part of their job when they make major changes in their organization, including organization-wide transformation, expansion, consolidation, or divestiture, each of which present their own unique challenges.

There is a spectrum of vital functions that needs to be considered, including organization visualization and modelling, advanced analytics and reporting, facilitating restructuring endeavors, streamlining headcount planning, and precision in headcount budgeting. All of these functions are deeply intricate and require great amounts of focus and tracking to accomplish, particularly at the global enterprise level. Attend our webinar to see how our workforce planning portfolio can both streamline and enhance all of these functions, and learn what to look for if you’re searching for a solution to help you make the most of your workforce planning.

Meet your presenter

Navjot Tathgur – Product Manager at Nakisa

Navjot Tathgur

Product Manager

Navjot brings over 16 years of experience in HR technology. She has been collaborating with multiple global organizations to implement HR solutions and industry best practices. After at Blackberry focusing on the SAP HCM space, she joined Nakisa almost 12 years ago. Nav initially started in Professional Services where she led successful solution implementations, prioritizing customer satisfaction. In recent years, Nav transitioned to Nakisa’s product team driven by her passion for customer advocacy. Leveraging her experience, she ensures Nakisa delivers the right products to meet customer needs. On a personal note, Nav enjoys travelling, spending time with her family and creating custom cakes.
Henry S. Cheang – Product Marketer at Nakisa

Henry S. Cheang

Product Marketing Manager

Starting professional life as a neuroscientist, Henry transitioned into a decade-long career as a product marketer, where he drove product marketing in telecom expense management, cybersecurity, and AI. Now he’s enthusiastically learning all he can about how software can enhance workforce planning and IWMS. Privately, Henry is a family man, being the proud father of two young children and happily married to a kind and worldly college professor. In his spare time, Henry loves running, politics, reading, and food.

About Nakisa

Nakisa is a cloud-native enterprise application provider that empowers human resource, real estate, and lease accounting teams. We serve 1,100+ enterprise clients and 6.6 million users across 135 countries. We’re proud to be a partner of choice for Fortune 1000 companies.

Nakisa Workforce Planning Portfolio

The Nakisa Workforce Planning Portfolio is a dynamic set of workforce planning products that empowers HR professionals, executives, and people managers to strategically steer their enterprises through periods of growth and transformation. The portfolio consists of three modern suites: 

The Nakisa Org Chart Suite,

which offers intuitive visualization capabilities and seamless native integration with ERP systems. Workforce structures are effortlessly mapped out across the organization. 

The Nakisa Org Design Suite,

which equips people managers, HR leaders, and org design specialists with tools to effectively manage team structures, simulate organizational changes, collaborate effectively, and streamline approval processes. 

The Nakisa Strategic Workforce Planning Suite,

which enables users to align headcount planning with strategic objectives, bridge skill gaps, and optimize resource allocation with intuitive tools and advanced analytics.

How Nakisa stands out

Integrated native bidirectional integrations with SAP and Oracle and APIs.

Innovative cloud-native architecture with scalable microservices.

Secure and complaint with GDPR, SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II, and full ITGC control.

Reliable 99.5% solution availability.

Customer-centric 24/7 support, dedicated account managers.

Market leaders love Nakisa

Learn more about Nakisa Workforce Planning Portfolio and how it empowers your organizational visualization, design, and HR analytics.

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