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Nakisa Lease Administration

Global visibility and control

Nakisa Lease Administration allows customers to save time and costs by centralizing all contract data in one, single repository. A global view on all lease contracts enables users to view lease liabilities and commitments and quickly evaluate leasing impacts on financial statements.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology enables organizations to use the solution right out-of-the-box with minimal customization. Nakisa is able to provide a secure and reliable solution by partnering with cloud service providers. This helps to relieve the operational burden of operating, managing, and controlling the components.

Accounting excellence

Lease accounting is simplified and streamlined with Nakisa Lease Administration, a single system for accruals, payments, reconciliation, and financial reporting on leases. Nakisa Lease Administration was designed from the ground up to support compliance with the new lease accounting standards.

Rapid deployment

Sophisticated cloud technology eliminates the need to discuss hardware requirements and software compatibilities. By eliminating the intricacies of a complex on-premise deployment, our project teams can more quickly configure, connect, and deploy your solution.


End-to-end accounting you can trust.

Nakisa Lease Administration is a purpose built end-to-end lease accounting and management solution that centralizes company-wide lease data. The solution helps organizations manage global lease portfolios, gain strategic insights into financial data, and streamline lease accounting operations.

  1. Lease management for real estate and equipment leases
  2. Manage contracts using a multi-level contract structure
  3. Standardize lease determination and classification
  4. Perform initial measurement of ROU assets and lease liabilities
  5. Facilitate lease modification, remeasurement, and asset causalities
  6. Prepare required quantitative note disclosures

Looming deadlines, no problem.

Nakisa Lease Administration is a cloud based solution designed to leverage data from existing finance and accounting systems.

Introducing Rapid Deployment.

Nakisa’s implementation methodology is a simple, yet effective approach to implementation. The methodology consists of a series of specific activities and objectives to ensure an on time and on scope implementation. Cloud technology helps to streamline implementation and accelerate adoption while standalone mode shortens the timeline from data collection to lease accounting.

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Use powerful dashboards with actionable insights.

Nakisa Lease Administration delivers actionable insights by providing the ability to collect, analyze, and visualize lease data. With dashboard reporting tool, you can generate custom reports that give you the real time strategic insights you need to stay agile and ensure visibility into your lease portfolio.

  1. GAAP-compliant report production
  2. Ad-hoc analytics and reports
  3. Snapshot view of your entire lease portfolio
  4. Reconciliation reports for audit trail
Types of Reports
  1. Disclosure Reports - Supports disclosure reporting for all lease types
  2. Management Reports – Comprehensive, dynamic view of your global lease portfolio with drill-down capabilities
  3. Reconciliation Reports - Detailed list of all posted transactions to synchronize with your ERP and enable standalone capabilities
  4. Activity Analysis – Oversee any activity taking place in the application for both a quantity and dollar amount
Key business benefits
  1. Automated report production
  2. Access to real time data
  3. Minimize unnecessary leasing costs
  4. Analyze financial implications
  5. Transition to the new standards

Ready for more?

Lease accounting solutions can be complex. We understand that. Our team of experts is available to answer your questions and show you the ins and outs of Nakisa Lease Administration.
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The new lease accounting standards bring most leased assets onto balance sheets, exposing billions in lease liabilities across the retail industry.

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Beyond operating leases, many transportation companies will need to consider how other business arrangements fit into the new lease accounting model.

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Oil and gas

For oil and gas companies, some activities create industry-specific complexities for the ongoing application of the new lease accounting standards.

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Life sciences

A wave of significant financial reporting changes, particularly the new lease accounting standards have brought new challenges to life sciences.

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Why Nakisa?

Nakisa’s success is result of its experience with Fortune 1000 customers with complex IT environments, massive data sets, and unique integration requirements. Continuous development, a global partner network, and co-innovation has allowed Nakisa to meet customer needs.

A software vendor you can trust.

Accounting Excellence

Compliant with ASC 842 and IFRS 16

  1. Covers hundreds of complex use-cases
  2. Validated by Big 4 accounting firms
  3. End-to-end management of the lease lifecycle from inception to termination

Operations Efficiency

Streamline lease accounting processes

  1. One system for accruals, payments, reconciliation and financial reporting on leases
  2. Maintain an audit trial of changes and decisions for traceability

Flexible Integration

integration for all ERPs and other systems

  1. Connectors exist to support integration with the largest ERP systems
  2. API technology allows users to read and write to any financial systems


"The success of the project has been dependent on the fact we have a vendor that is on our side and truly understands us. Thanks to this we were able to go-live on time and on budget with a solution that met our needs. This was a very important project for Bancolombia and we couldn’t be happier that we chose Nakisa.”

- Natalia Hidalgo, IT Manager Finance and Accounting, Bancolombia

lease accounting software

“With the number of lease contracts we have, we needed a scalable solution that could be operational before our IFRS 16 compliance deadlines. After an extensive vendor selection process, we identified that Nakisa Lease Administration is the best solution to support our compliance initiatives.”

- John van Oorschot, Head of Global Controlling, INEOS Styrolution

lease accounting software

"We tried to find suitable software that could support us in our endeavors. Nakisa’s solution was the only one that could support us to work in integrated ways.”

- Richard van der Laan, Director of Accounting and Reporting, KLM

lease accounting software


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