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Hanelly Product Brochure

Understand the business benefits to an organizational charting and design solution. Hanelly is the HR tool of today built on the HR Tech of tomorrow.

Keys to Success in Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions from an HR Perspective.

Traditional tools and processes are no longer up to the challenge of enterprise level M&A activity. So, what’s the answer?

Bias in the Workplace

Does AI have a role in ridding the workplace of unconscious bias? Read more in our blog “Bias in the Workplace: How Can AI Help to Prevent it?”

Feed The Need

Discover the role of data in today’s HR with our blog “How HR Can Feed the Need for All Things Data”.

What is Nakisa Hanelly?

Find out more about Nakisa Hanelly organizational design solution.

Nakisa Hanelly org chart demo

See the basics of Nakisa Hanelly org chart capabilities in this 5 min demo video.

Diversity in action

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From Co-Existing to Collaborating

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The Case of the Mixed-Up Merger

Nakisa Hanelly - See how Alice Planner, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions, saves the day by effectively merging Sweet Chocolate Company and Peanutty Butter Inc.

Hanelly May 2018 Release Succession Plans and Profiles

Touching on the succession plan updates in Hanelly and the available profile comparisson features.

Hanelly May 2018 Release Filter Panel Update

Discover filter profile updates and panel enhancements to improve data visibility, specified to your requirements.

Hanelly Analytics Tools and Dashboards

Discover topline details of the available out-of-the-box Analytics that Hanelly provides.

M&A Challenges: The Case For Organizational Design Software

The focus of this whitepaper is to help HR professionals, CFOs, and corporate executives understand how the challenges of integrating merger & acquisition projects can benefit from advanced organizational design solutions.

HANELLY™ Integration Data Sheet

Learn about how HANELLY™ integrates seamlessly with your HCM core solution.

HANELLY Overview

Discover HANELLY, Nakisa’s Organizational Transformation solutions suite.

An HR Professional’s Guide to Selecting an Organizational Design Solution

7 Key Features and Capabilities to Ensure Success

How HR and Finance Should Work Together for Best Results

This guide provides a closer look at why CFOs and top management should become more involved in understanding key HR metrics and ...

How Technology Can Build the Organization of the Future

How Technology Plays a Key Role in Designing and Implementing the Organization of the Future


Hanelly provides us with the ability to view key metrics and analytics like salary, span-of-control, and depth & layers, from within the organizational structure. Allowing us to get a level-by-level view of an ongoing Org Transformation, increasing overall visibility of scenario performance against KPI’s.


Hanelly natively integrates with your SuccessFactors system, providing a real-time view of your reporting or organizational structure and enabling scenario planning and design for large-scale Org Transformations.


Retention of top talent during complex Org Transformations, such as yearly reorganizations or M&A’s, is critical to business continuity. Hanelly allows for easy generation of ad-hoc reports which quickly identify the Top Talent within your organization.


Hanelly Org Transformation provides numerous dashboards and reporting functionality that provide a real-time ability to slice & dice an ongoing transformation, and quickly generate critical reports for business leaders.


The Organization Overview provides a high-level summary of an ongoing Org Transformation with drill-down capabilities, which allows us view key headcount and salary information and then dynamically filter that view based on additional criteria and fields.


Hanelly Org Transformation allows us to track key KPI’s like Headcount, Span of Control, and Depth & Layers, within an ongoing Org Transformation. These KPI’s are even tracked within individual work-areas, to ensure complete alignment on business objectives.


Visibility for executives during an Org Transformation is critical. Hanelly provides numerous reports, analytics and dashboards, that provide at-a-glance transparency and visibility to your key stakeholders and business leaders of your ongoing Org Transformations.


Large-scale Org-Transformations are complex, time-consuming, and are typically supported by multiple users and stakeholders. Hanelly has a full suite of collaboration functionality which enables users to communicate, and even share scenario data across work-areas and areas-of-responsibility, through the unique Dropzone feature.

HANELLY™ Organizational Visualization Overview

Visual, interactive org chart software that incorporates HR metrics and analytics.

HANELLY™ Organizational Design Overview

Conduct organizational design enabled by analytics and real-time HR metrics

HANELLY™ Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures Overview

Accelerate pre and post acquisition integration in order to meet your return on investment and synergy targets faster with HANELLY™

How Technology is Disrupting Organizational Transformation and M&A Process

New software technology has been changing how companies do business and is now beginning to change the way companies design their business.