Nakisa Global Partner Network


Nakisa is a global leader in enterprise business solutions for Organizational Design and Accounting and Compliance. Together with our partners, we deliver innovative, forward-thinking and robust human resource and financial management solutions that advance business strategies.


Why partner with Nakisa?

Nakisa opens new opportunities and revenue streams for you to expand your business and extend your consulting and implementation services across different industries and geographies. Expand your global footprint and increase business opportunities by joining Nakisa’s Global Partner Network.

Program values and benefits

regional support
Regional support

Upon becoming a Nakisa partner, you are assigned a dedicated partner manager. Their job is to support your efforts through business planning, joint opportunity generation, presentation and proposal support.

proven go-to strategy
Proven go-to-market strategy

Nakisa helps you to up-sell and cross-sell solutions so you can take advantage of new market opportunities.

comprhensive training program
Comprehensive training program

Nakisa offers role-focused training to sales, presales, and technical teams to help our partners get quickly up to speed so you can drive more revenue faster.Learn More

Nakisa's partner Demo center
Nakisa's partner demo center

Nakisa's Partner Demo Center is a central, professionally-managed demo server accessible from any Internet browser worldwide.

program values and benefits

How to become a partner?

Currently, we offer four different partnership programs for our Organizational Design and Lease Administration lines of business.

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Strategic Services


Compensation Finder’s fee Commission Services revenue Cross-selling,
Sales positioning training Recommended

Configuration training - -


Co-marketing opportunities -

Participate in product

New deal Registration

Partner presence on Nakisa's

Partner co-innovation - -


As a Nakisa partner, you will join an exclusive digital community
and have access to relevant news, tools, and other resources
while connecting with our partners around the world.

Join and gain access to:
  1. Marketing and sales collateral
  2. Product documentation
  3. Training calendar and materials
  4. Implementation project tools
  5. Partner-tailored news and events