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A Canadian municipality chose Nakisa HR Suite to visualize SAP HCM data and turn it into actionable insights


One of Canadian municipalities with approximately 4 000 employees chose Nakisa HR Suite to visualize SAP HCM data and turn it into actionable insights. Learn how they achieved this result in 22 hours!

The Challenge

Long ago, the municipality needed to produce organizational charts manually by extracting data from the payroll system on an as-needed basis. That’s why they implemented SAP HCM to streamline its HR processes and ensure the accuracy of HR data. However, the org visualization and modeling functionality in SAP HCM was very limited and didn’t help handle the challenges the municipality faced. With constant growth and several re-organizations, the city administration needed a powerful automated solution integrated with SAP HCM which would allow users to easily produce organizational charts, export HR data for other departments, and compare re-organization scenarios. Security of the data flow, granular permissions, and various filters were sine qua non conditions for the city administration.

Functionality required by the municipality:

Solutions provided by Nakisa HR Suite

1. Secure and Accurate Data Integration with SAP HCM

Nakisa provided the municipality with native bidirectional integration with the SAP HCM data and guaranteed the accuracy and security of the data flow. With the integration, the city administration can push the SAP master data to Nakisa HR Suite and write all the modeled changes back to SAP without any manual intervention. This ensured that the org chart remains synchronized, up-to-date, and error-free.

Here is how we guarantee the integration with SAP HCM:

2. Org Chart Visualization

The organization data in SAP HCM is not available in an easy-to-understand format. Visualizing org unit, matrix, and location-based structures was difficult which resulted in a worse analysis of the data. Nakisa allowed the municipality to visualize the organization chart automatically. The tool offers to review pre-set dashboards by admin users or create new dashboards with various filters if needed. Nakisa also delivered the following features:

  1. Reporting lines visualization,
  2. DEI analysis to improve the diversity score,
  3. The span of control report and dashboard,
  4. PDF/PowerPoint/PNG export of the org chart for compliance purposes or internal workflow and many more.

Now HR teams can slice and dice data using various filters, easily create pre-made reports and configure dashboards to its needs to get better, data-driven insights.

3. Granular Permissions based on the role

The municipality needed to ensure that only people with relevant permissions can get access to sensitive data. For this, Nakisa provided the client with the Single Sign On connected with its Identity provider server. Once the users were authenticated, Nakisa assigned the correct role to each of them by mapping the group and granting the right access to each user.

By default, Nakisa offered ten pre-made roles both for front-end and back-end (administrator) needs. If the city administration ever needs a role with specific permissions, we are ready to create it as well.

4. Employee Directory

The client wanted to have a robust employee directory solution and Nakisa HR Suite was a perfect choice. Now, the employees can search for different information: details of an employee, their department, role, skills, and so on. Since Nakisa HR Suite is designed on innovative cloud-native infrastructure, it is scalable and can be accessed by all the employees at the same time without problems.

Also, Nakisa enabled employees to filter records based on certain criteria, such as people approaching retirement or experience level. These records can be exported for further analysis in the Excel format or added to favorites searches for faster navigation.

5. Frequent and Minor Reorganizations of Employee Roles (Org Design)

The municipality also got the Org Design license to perform simple reorganizations of structures. With Nakisa, they are able to do all re-org activities in one place and get analytics updates on financial impact immediately. By simply dragging and dropping employees, positions, or org units, the municipality can now compare the current and future states in a two-pane mode and take data-driven decisions about reorganization.

6. Custom Org Chart Configuration and intuitive interface

The city administration wanted to create a custom org chart that only shows managers in the structure to publish in Annual Budget Binders. Nakisa offered an additional filter using configuration to enable the client to get its custom charts automatically. Besides the configuration, the municipality enjoyed user-friendly Nakisa interface that guaranteed ease of use for the end-users.


After only 20 hours of Nakisa implementation, the Canadian municipality got the crucial orgchart and org design functionality to face HR challenges more efficiently. By having the SAP HCM data integration, automated generation of Org Charts, employee directory, and custom configuration, the client could reduce manual work and have a comprehensive, accurate, and timely analysis of the organizational structure. Moreover, the municipality now possesses all the necessary tools to analyze, improve, and restructure its org chart as needed.

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