Soodeh Farokhi


Soodeh Farokhi, Ph.D., is a visionary technology entrepreneur and a proven strategic product leader with over a decade of exponential experience in the enterprise software space. She has a solid dual tech-business view with broad experience building innovative software products from the ground up to pass the product-market-fit and have large-scale customer deployments. Most recently, she has been the founder and an outward-facing CTO of C2RO, a VC-backed enterprise SaaS company in Canada, a leader in AI Video Analytics space, where she was recognized as the finalist of the Canadian Women Entrepreneurs National Award (RBC, 2020), the finalist of the Young Quebec Entrepreneurs Provisional Award (ARISTA, 2018), and was recognized as an innovator transforming the AI Video Analytics industry (SAP, 2021). She started her entrepreneurial journey by co-founding a software service company based in Iran that automates enterprise business processes. She is the co-founder and a former executive member of the Women of MENA in Technology Montreal and serves as a business advisor and board member for several tech start-ups and organizations. She has a PhD. in computer science from Vienna University of Technology and an M.Sc., and a B.Sc. in SW engineering.  She is a diversity and inclusion advocate as she believes a diverse world is an enabled world!


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