Olivier Dressler

Vice President of Client Services and Security

Olivier has worked in professional services organizations since 2006, being responsible for multi-million-dollar projects and programs for major consulting firms, including Deloitte, Accenture, and KPMG. The nature of the projects varied from advisory/consulting type engagements to large software implementation and configuration for Fortune 500 organizations.

At Nakisa, Olivier oversees the teams interacting with customers, from requirements gathering to post-implementation support activities. He’s also responsible for ensuring Nakisa is protected against and prepared to face security incidents. Olivier focuses on maintaining a client-centric mentality within teams and leverages highly skilled, solution-knowledgeable individuals to create a seamless customer experience and constantly innovate in our offerings.

Olivier is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, a Certified Information Security Manager, and a Certified Project Management Professional. He holds an M.Sc. in Information Technology from the University of Montreal.


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