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What is Nakisa Hanelly?

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It's fair to say that the HR of today has changed a bit from the HR of 15 years ago, particularly when we look at enterprise-level organizations. The demand on HR to facilitate smarter, faster, and better business decisions has never been greater. Understanding the organizational structure at all times is a big part of this challenge. As a result, HR technology is constantly developing to help address this need. But how can you tell which tech is the right tech? What if there was a single solution to streamline all of your business transformation needs from day-to-day requirements right through to effectively planning for and executing on mergers and acquisitions and reduction-in-force activity? Could be useful, right? Let's imagine a software that has the ability to integrate into your existing HCM software, providing complete up-to-date org charts, simplify and accelerate workforce realignments, design capabilities for mergers and acquisitions, and reduction in force modeling support, including what-if scenarios, modeling metrics, designs and dashboards to share with key stakeholders. And that's just a start. The Nakisa HR Suite (formerly Hanelly) has all of this and more, along with a wealth of experience acquired over more than 15 years of providing great org design software. Simplify your org transformation experience with the Nakisa HR Suite. These guys did. Contact Nakisa today to find out more 

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