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Solutions you know and love, with new capabilities and insights empowering HR leaders to build responsive organizations.

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The next generation org design experience

The new Nakisa HR Suite was purposely designed for complex organizations that need to respond to fast-changing environments with confidence. Building a responsive organization where processes, people and structures can continuously and proactively adjust to changes promptly. The new experience will equip HR leaders with a full set of capabilities to lead org design and change management priorities, and to design for resilience, not only efficiency. While focusing on the people behind the boxes and lines.

AI-driven org design, from start to finish

The Nakisa HR Suite is a set of cloud-based software solutions that is built to simplify the most complex organizational designs. From analyzing, to predicting, to modeling a responsive enterprise organization intelligently. Free your HR team from the constraints of cumbersome and generic org chart modeling solutions that aren’t built specifically for large organizations. Eliminate the burdens of expensive consultancy firms, and the rigidity of manual org design and spreadsheets with innovative technology. See what your team can achieve when they’re enabled to see beyond the current state of your organization and are empowered with predictive insights that inform robust scenario planning.

Nakisa OrgInsight
Deep dive into the current state of your organization by leveraging advanced org analytics, visualization, and reporting.

  1. Org visualization
  2. Reporting covering ESG, HR, Financial and Executive
  3. Real-time analytics dashboards
  4. Data Quality
Unlock your team’s analytical acumen

Nakisa OrgAI
Leverage machine learning technology for predictive analytics and organisational health.

  1. Root Cause Analysis of org health issues
  2. Predictive Analytics Dashboards
  3. Predictive Reporting covering ESG, HR, DEI and Financial
Empower HR to predict business outcomes

Nakisa OrgDesign
Modernize the way you design and build the future state of your responsive organization.

  1. Automated org design and modeling workflows
  2. Headcount planning
  3. Budgeting and forecasting
  4. Use case specific scenarios
  5. Industry specific advisory content
Embrace change as a way of life with a resilient organization

The only AI-driven org design and analytics SaaS solution that can support the complexities and requirements of large enterprise

Nakisa’s innovative SaaS approach to AI Org Design uniquely enables customers to be self-sufficient through an intuitive UX/UI design and automated workflows. We deliver a real cloud solution suite with many applications, thanks to our state-of-the-art technology stack.

Build internal

You don’t need to be an Org Design expert to design your organization. Solve all your business problems intuitively.

Dream team

Bridge the cross-functional gaps between HR, business and finance with insights on the changes from each one’s unique perspective.

Comprehensive design & insights
Rely on one solution to assess the past, the present, and possible future states.

Big league

Made for high scalability, with SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance, and enterprise level native cloud integrations with connectors to your ERPs including Workday, SAP and more.

Industry leaders that trust Nakisa in their org design journey




Energy, Oil & Gas


Banking & Finance


Telecom & Technology

Strengthen relationships between HR, Business and Finance to drive your organization forward

Consistent collaboration flow with accurate information, with the relevant people, at the right time will bridge the gaps between the key stakeholders involved in your redesign journey. HR, business and finance can work together coherently to ensure a timely response to market and strategy shifts.

When the entire team is aligned ...

HR leaders can build responsive organizations, and confidently contribute to the long-term, strategic business goals with the right insights.


Finance teams have visibility into forecasted HR budgets through predictive reporting and analytics.

Business teams successfully build a well-designed organization that scales, better adapts to change, while retaining talent and hiring more effectively.


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