Align business objectives
and the organization.



Stay informed during workforce realignment.

Organizations don’t always grow consistently and structures lose efficiency over time. A company can have a clear mission, the right talent and effective leaders, but still not perform as expected. Poor organizational design results in confusion within roles, lack of accountability and brings unnecessary complexity to the organization.

Track execution against defined KPIs.
  1. Leverage real-time HR data

  2. View and analyze talent

  3. Identify resources to meet targets

  4. Use what-if scenarios to measure impact
The Hanelly result?

A better-aligned workforce that supports strategic business objectives, maintains lines of communication, and creates an environment that nurtures innovation.

Fast-track post-acquisition integration.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are critical to an organization’s growth strategy. The name of this game is speed of integration, as businesses try to maximize their return on investment by integrating the new business into existing operations as quickly as possible. This fast-paced strategy has inherent risks as short deadlines are compounded by the complexity of operational integration. This can often lead to serious problems including misaligned KPIs, rising costs, and brain-drain; all of which can lead to a complete failure of the integration process and thus failure of the initial merger or acquisition.

Fine tune your M&A

Hanelly accelerates post-acquisition integration and mitigates talent risks by eliminating time consuming manual operations so HR can focus on implementing the optimal operational model faster.

Improve M&A integration success with modeling and visualization of data across multiple organizational structures.

Seamlessly integrate organizational data from multiple HCM solutions to reduce the risk of errors in the M&A process.

Explore advanced analytics to measure the impact of implemented changes and establish a new baseline for future M&A opportunities.

organizational design

Gain Without the Pain: Ensuring Merger and Acquisition Success.

HR plays a vital role in this process and whether it goes smoothly or not. Learn to navigate the pain points and ensure success.

Manage a reduction in force (RIF).

The inevitable consequence of a RIF strategy is low employee morale, directly due to layoffs. That’s why it’s important to have access to accurate information and have a clear picture of your organization. If not, your organization may lose money or key employees, resulting in a potential lack of skills or labor shortage.

Plan for succcess
organizational design
Automate design and modeling

Have the tools to automate organizational modeling and design.

organizational design
Access real-time analytics

Gain a clear picture of the current state of your organization at any given moment.

organizational design
Foster collaboration

Share organizational models, collaborate with stakeholders, and gain executive buy-in.

organizational design
Create scenarios

Build multiple scenarios, identify talent vulnerabilities, and capitalize on opportunities.

organizational design
Ensure alignment

Establish organizational metrics and ensure alignment with business objectives.

organizational design
Save time

Reduce the time to conduct organizational changes with a guided approval process.


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