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Exciting news! Yara has successfully implemented the Nakisa Lease Administration software 


We have some exciting news: Yara is LIVE with the Nakisa Lease Administration SaaS solution, complete with seamless, bidirectional integration with SAP s4hana! This is a significant achievement in elevating Yara's lease management processes, highlighting the strength of our partnership and cutting-edge cloud-native software. Here's to both teams for their dedication to successful collaboration! 

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About the Nakisa Lease Administration Software 

Nakisa Lease Administration is the go-to choice for Fortune 1000 companies in lease accounting and compliance solutions. Why? Simply because Nakisa Lease Administration offers access to an innovative, scalable framework tailored to efficiently handle extensive lease portfolios, encompassing diverse assets, complex terms and conditions, and ongoing activity. 

To learn more about Nakisa Lease Administration: /finance-suite/nakisa-lease-administration-software/  

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