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Nakisa is a proud sponsor of the ODF’s 2024 Festival of Organization Design 


We’re proud to announce that Nakisa is one of the sponsors of the ODF’s 2024 Festival of Organization Design on May 7-9 in Twin Cities, Minnesota. This is the first volley in Nakisa’s 2024 events where we share our knowledge of and enthusiasm for strategic and operational organizational design with the broader HR community.

We’re excited to attend this festival because its theme perfectly aligns with our latest HR product offerings and roadmap: “Where big ideas meet real-life applications.” We’re looking forward to engaging with fellow professionals, exchanging ideas, and showcasing the latest tech trends in organizational design.

A particularly excellent opportunity to do that will be at the panel “Technology and Organization Design: Current Trends and Future Possibilities,” where Nakisa’s Director of Business Development and Strategy, Philip Hofton, will be one of the panelists. Leveraging his decades of experience in enterprise organizational design, Phil will explore the transformative power of technology and its role in enhancing the discipline. Nakisa’s HR Product Manager, Nav Tathgur, will also be present to share insights gleaned from her extensive experience in developing powerful HRIS applications for HR teams.  

All information about the event calendar, activities, and registration is available on the ODF’s Festival website. If you’re attending, drop by our dedicated space for a chat about the present and future of organizational design and workforce planning with Philip Hofton and Nav Tathgur. Learn more about our org design solution to have a more in-depth conversation. 

Hope we meet in the Twin Cities! See you there! 

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