Thursday, Apr 11 2024 10:00 am ET | 9:00 am CT | 7:00 am PT

Webinar – 1 CPE Credit

How to Design Your Organization’s Teams for Success in an Increasingly Agile World


Agile methodology excels in planning and delivering products in today’s ever more complex world. Organizations increasingly use special-purpose project teams (i.e., tribes, squads, pods, or other designations) to get fast results. However, they miss out on valuable people data because there is neither a priori nor post-hoc analysis of time investments in such special-purpose project teams. As a result, crucial insights related to time, cost, and performance data, along with information on skills development, inclusion, diversity, and employee experience (IE&D) are lost, exposing subsequent organizational assignments to avoidable efficiency drains.

Although special-purpose project teams come together rapidly to achieve specific business outcomes, it’s as essential for them as it is for static traditional structures to: (a) prepare and optimize their team design, (b) adapt on the fly as needed, and
(c) capture and harness people data to benefit other Agile teams.



Field of Study: Accounting & Auditing, Financial Reporting
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Program Level: Basic
Delivery Method: Group Internet Based

Ready to learn how to design your agile teams for success?

About Presenter:
Philip Hofton

Philip Hofton has spent over 20 years affecting business transformation and change management in organizations spanning multiple domains and industries. He has helped organizations lead post-merger/acquisition integrations, streamline operational and business processes based on cloud ERP technology, and transform the HR, Finance, and IT functions. Philip’s expertise has enabled many large and small enterprises in Canada and across the globe to reach the next level of performance.

As Nakisa’s Director of Business Development and Strategy, Philip applies his experience to collaborate with Product Developers and Customer Success Managers, supporting mission-critical organization design and transformation activities for clients.


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