Understand the impact
through HR analytics.



Measure the performance of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

With involvement from the Board of Directors and regulation from authorities, diversity and inclusion seems to be everywhere. This inherently data-driven initiative requires a proactive strategy with constant monitoring and controlling. This results in a highly time-consuming effort on behalf of the CHRO and their team to gather information from multiple sources to analyze, plan, act and report. The consequence of failure for these initiatives can go from fiscally benign to extreme penalties and costly lawsuits.

On-demand diversity metrics for HR leaders.

Hanelly provides HR leaders with on-demand diversity metrics to better inform their stakeholders, measure the performance of their diversity and inclusion programs, and stay proactive with their initiatives.


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Speak the language of business leaders.

Communication between stakeholders and HR is critical. Business leaders want to monitor their organization and HR wants them to understand the value of strategic HR initiatives. This leads to the generation of charts, analytics, and reports on an almost daily basis. CHROs and HR leaders require the ability to consistently provide real-time and accurate reports in a way that supports business agility, provides proactive insights and doesn’t add to the operational strain on their teams.

Generate real-time analytics and reports.

With Hanelly you can automate and unify HR processes and data using:

  1. Prescriptive and predictive analytics
  2. Powerful dashboards with dynamic filtering
  3. Print and export into multiple applications
  4. Digital sharing of custom and pre-configured reports

Monitor, audit, and improve HCM data.

Businesses are evolving fast and need a crystal-clear understanding of their current state as they change. Organizational data contains indicators of performance, insight into trends and warning signs of problems to come. One challenge faced by most organizations is data accessibility, as information is maintained in complex ERP landscapes. The next challenge is in the quality of the data itself, with some estimates claiming the yearly cost of poor quality data at $3.1 trillion in the US alone.

How does Hanelly help?

Save time

Save time with mass-edit capabilities for rapid correction of workforce data and secure write-back to your HCM system.

Audit data

Quickly audit data and identify errors to ensure accurate talent planning and identification of orphan structures.

Access analytics

Have access to advanced analytics including trends, turnover costs, and vulnerabilities, providing the business with insights to evaluate best practices.

Monitor programs

Keep track of diversity and inclusion programs, report on local and global demographic make-up of your organization, and view salary cross-sections.

Track progress

Follow the progress of HR initiatives within the organizational structure and drill-down into data.

Quick Action

Act quickly on proposed changes using intelligent collaboration capabilities to design, model, and align with stakeholders and executives.


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