Nakisa Hanelly

Cloud-based enterprise lease
accounting software

The lease accounting solution you need to the cost and complexity of managing global lease portfolios while ensuring your company remains fully compliant with accounting standards like IFRS 16, ASC 842, GASB 87, and more.

The only enterprise-scale software of its kind that handles both lessor and lessee end-to-end accounting and operational requirements

Protect your company’s financial
position and reputation

Reduce the risk of compliance infractions and penalties that can tarnish market perception. Nakisa Lease Administration software provides worldwide auditable reconciliation and disclosure reporting you can confidently sign your name to. Illuminate corporate-wide insights on your global lease portfolio to help you make agile, informed decisions.

organizational-transformation chart
organizational-transformation chart

Reduce operational costs with global
visibility and streamlined workflow

Save accounting and financial staff time and lower FTE costs and audit fees with Nakisa Lease Administration’s fully automated workflow and batch processing. Reduce manual tasks like aggregating and calculating data and gain global visibility of your lease portfolio with a fully automated solution that streamlines daily operations such as mass modification, mass posting, and scheduled periodic disclosure reporting.

Consolidate lease management

Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple, siloed systems and software licenses by consolidating all your lease accounting functions within Nakisa Lease Administration. A fully end-to-end solution that supports equipment, fleet, and real estate, Nakisa Lease Administration software provides end-to-end lessor and lessee accounting and integrates with any ERP for seamless data management.

organizational-transformation chart

You will love Nakisa Lease Administration if
you are looking for:

IFRS 16 software

GASB 87 software

SAP ERP integration

ASC 842 software

AASB 16 software

Oracle ERP integration

The benefits of using our lease accounting software

“We were looking for a global solution. Nakisa was able to deliver and deploy on all the continents where we do business.”

Shawn Husband
Senior Director, Global Lease Center of Expertise, Walmart

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“When we chose to move to the cloud, my main concern was that the lift and shift would not work as well as we migrated our data to the new platform. However, our experience with the lift and shift progressed really smoothly with no real issues.”

Danilo Cacciagrano
IT Financial Operations Sr. Product Manager, Nestlé

organizational charts Engage the workforce
organizational charts Engage the workforce

Ready to reduce the cost and
complexity of lease accounting
compliance and management?

organizational charts Engage the workforce