When you choose a career with Nakisa, you are selecting to work in a company to make a difference. You will be working with people from different cultures who bring a unique perspective to their work. They will inspire you, and you will have the opportunity to contribute your talent towards our drive for success.

In return, you will be supported in your desire to learn, grow and define your career in a fun and collaborative environment.

We value the contribution of each employee, and we know that great ideas can come from every source. If you want to inspire, and be inspired, Nakisa is the place for you!

Why Join Our Team?

Nakisa offers a unique work environment. And this is why.


As a technology company, Nakisa promotes innovation and creativity to let you unleash your full potential.


Our multicultural teams and global presence make it a rich and dynamic work experience.


You will be supported in your desire to learn, grow and define your career in a fun and collaborative environment.


Close collaboration across departments and with management brings invaluable perspective on projects.

Our Culture



At Nakisa we strive to adhere to the highest principles of ethical behavior, both in our business dealings and personal working relationships.

Nakisa accountability


We hold ourselves accountable for creating an environment of fairness, honesty and respect both internally, and in our relationships with clients and partners.

Nakisa unity


We recognize that unity is essential for effective teamwork and appreciate the value of different perspectives and diverse expertise in achieving common goals.

Nakisa innovation


The introduction of new ideas or processes fuels a spirit of innovation at Nakisa. We thrive on creativity and initiative to continuously improve the way we work.

Nakisa learning


We encourage our employees to pursue growth opportunities, and build on their experiences to add value to their work and personal life.

Nakisa service


Responding to the needs of our clients, partners and colleagues, is a priority at Nakisa. We strive to exceed expectations and add value every time.

Nakisa career benefits

Tour our departments


Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration team is responsible for Nakisa's worldwide financial operations, legal functions and overall administration. The team specializes in areas of financial analysis and management, financial policy, accounting operations and asset management.


Human Resources

The Human Resources team is responsible for attracting, developing and retaining the best talent. The team's goals are to build on Nakisa's reputation as an employer of choice, manage organizational growth, and optimize the engagement of Nakisa's workforce. The team works towards building a sustainable workforce by establishing an environment that enhances productivity, enables learning, and fosters innovation and collaboration.


Information Technology

The Information Technology team is responsible for the planning, monitoring, maintenance and improvement of Nakisa's network infrastructure, hardware, software applications and servers. The team researches the latest technologies and implements appropriate technologies throughout the company.


Marketing and Alliances

The Marketing and Alliances team is responsible for building new market opportunities, generating partner-driven revenue and advancing Nakisa's global footprint. The team also manages the development and execution of Nakisa's marketing strategy, including demand generation, product marketing, branding, and communications. Typical positions in this team include: Alliances Management; Marketing Management; Marketing Communications; and, Graphic Design.


Product Development

The Product Development team is responsible for Nakisa's strategic product direction, as well as research and development. The team is comprised of dedicated Developers, Testers, Product managers, Documentation Specialists and Packaging Specialists. Along with Quality Assurance, the team uses cutting edge technology in an agile environment to ensure that Nakisa products stand out in the market as the best - surpassing customer expectations. Typical positions in this team include Software Development and Product Management.

Careers-department-professional services

Professional Services

Professional Services is a global team of consulting service professionals that ensure Nakisa surpasses customer expectations every time we implement our solution. These consultants ensure that every Nakisa solution is the best one for each customer's unique environment and requirements. The team works closely with customers and partners to enable right size / right cost service options, and minimize Time to Value. Typical positions in this team include Consulting, Technical Software Analysis and Project Management.



The Sales team operates worldwide and focuses on driving sales and maintaining key relationships with existing and prospective customers. With business opportunities all of the world, the team is responsible for enabling our partners' sales force to promote and sell Nakisa solutions to customers.


Engineering Operations

The Engineering Operations team is responsible for creating and maintaining the structure, operation and execution models to consolidate Nakisa’s long‐term success. This team ensures the high‐quality and timely release of software products along with its accompanying documentation, as well as creates and maintains all procedures and measures surrounding product lifecycle. Typical positions in the Engineering Operations team include Configuration Management/Release Engineering, Technical Writing and Quality Assurance.