How Technology is Disrupting Organizational Transformation and M&A Process

New software technology has been changing how companies do business and is now beginning to change the way companies design their business. Powerful new software is allowing companies to make re-organizational change and integrate acquisitions in weeks instead of years. In this webinar we will discuss how technology is being leveraged to simplify and speed up organizational transformation and how it reduces both risk and cost.

The 60 minute session will answer such questions as:

What are the major pain-points of organizational change that technology can solve?
How can companies leverage technology to optimize their M&A process?
How do companies limit talent risk and increase their chances of a successful re-organization?
How can companies ensure that goals and KPIs are achieved?

Our speakers:

Babak Varjavandi

President and Chief Executive Officer

The visionary and innovation leader behind Nakisa, Babak has over 20 years of management and IT experience, spearheading the design of Nakisa’s market leading organizational, talent and financial management solutions.

Chuck Frosst

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Nakisa Inc.

Chuck Frosst leads Nakisa’s global operations, and focuses on expanding Nakisa’s HCM solution strategy. With more than 25 years of experience in both senior business leadership and senior strategic human capital leadership roles, Chuck’s expertise includes executive leadership, global business strategy, operations, organization development and talent management.