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Nakisa has developed a number of comprehensive training programs for Nakisa Hanelly and Nakisa Lease Administration to provide the best possible support to our customers and partners.

Our training programs are highly interactive. Hands-on exercises and team activities account for 40% of each program while the remaining 60% is comprised of theory. Learning activities are interwoven throughout training workshops to ensure learner understanding, engagement, and confidence when working with the solution.

Partner Training Offerings*

Nakisa strives to ensure that every partner is enabled with the most up-to-date and complete information about our solutions and is proficient in solution implementation. To support our partners, we have developed a comprehensive set of partner training offerings for elected consultants within Nakisa’s Partner Network. Partner training consists of three programs:

*Nakisa partner training programs are offered exclusively to official Nakisa partners.

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Nakisa Lease Administration

Partner Training

Customer Training Offerings

Nakisa offers comprehensive training programs for customers that cover the front-end and basic administrative knowledge needed to ensure success.

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Nakisa Lease Administration

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Nakisa Lease Administration

Customer Training


Nakisa GoLearn is an online learning platform where Nakisa customers and partners can access our latest training materials.
If you already have a profile in Nakisa GoLearn, click HERE to log in.