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Nakisa Lease Administration.

Nakisa Lease Administration

Make your deadlines with rapid deployment.

Nakisa Lease Administration can be up and running in a matter of weeks. Our rapid deployment methodology is based on industry best practices. Depending on the complexity of your contract portfolio, we have rapid deployment options that can help meet even the most aggressive go-live targets.

    How does it work?

  1. Standard project plan
  2. Leverages cloud technology
  3. Standalone product functionality
  4. Two phase deployment model


Putting you on the fast-track to compliance.

Organizations worldwide and beginning to grapple with the enormous challenge of complying with the new lease accounting standards. To help reduce the stress of impending deadlines and ensure a timely go-live, Nakisa recommends an accelerated approach for implementing Nakisa Lease Administration.


Seamlessly integrate with your existing SAP landscape.

With native integration that leverages your existing SAP technology investments, Nakisa Lease Administration supports your end-to-end lease accounting while increasing visibility into your lease exposure and reducing costs.

  1. Bi-directional native integration

  2. Automatic live postings to SAP

  3. Follows SAP standard security

  4. Tested and validated by SAP

A lease accounting solution for Oracle customers.

Nakisa Lease Administration is designed to leverage data residing in your existing Oracle ERP systems whether on-premise, private or public cloud, from JD Edwards to PeopleSoft. This integration reduces manual input errors by reading data directly from your ERP system, such as company information, currencies, vendors, and others, and maximizes your existing technology investment.

  1. Sync data between systems

  2. Leverage Oracle master data

  3. Industry standard APIs

  4. Support for all Oracle ERPs


Simplicity, scalability, and reliability.

Nakisa Lease Administration is deployed in the cloud, offering you the fastest path to deployment and adoption of the new lease accounting standards.

Fully managed service

While striving for service delivery excellence, Nakisa’s service-level agreement governs the quality, availability, and support commitments promised to you.

Rapid deployment

By eliminating the intricacies of a complex on-premise deployment, Nakisa project teams can more quickly configure, connect, and deploy your Nakisa Lease Administration solution.

Lower cost

Minimize IT costs and responsibilities with cloud technology by avoiding a capital intensive, on-premise software deployment.


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