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Countdown to implementation: Simplify your GASB 87 compliance

Nakisa Lease Administration is a fully end-to-end enterprise-grade lease accounting solution built to support organizations in the public sector—including healthcare, higher education, and utilities—with their regulatory compliance with GASB 87. A cloud-based, scalable platform that seamlessly integrates with all ERPs, including Oracle, SAP, and Workday, Nakisa Lease Administration centralizes your lease data and is the only software of its kind to handle both lessor and lessee accounting in a single solution.

Public accounting you can trust to
meet the GASB 87 requirements

Reduce operational costs and meet budgets

As a fully-fledged automated solution, Nakisa Lease Administration reduces operational costs, maximizing your organization’s performance and synergy, while eliminating time-consuming, manual labor.

organizational-transformation chart
organizational-transformation chart

Manage end-to-end lessee and lessor accounting

A robust, scalable solution, Nakisa Lease Administration is the only enterprise-grade lease accounting software that seamlessly supports both lessor and lessee end-to-end accounting and operational requirements.

Leverage a single, flexible, easy-to-use tool

An intuitive solution that streamlines GASB 87 compliance, Nakisa Lease Administration consolidates lease contracts and provides accurate calculations and timely reporting for GASB 87 compliance and beyond.

organizational-transformation chart
organizational-transformation chart

Protect the integrity and security of your data

Nakisa Lease Administration protects your information’s integrity, security, and accuracy through data validation. Nakisa is fully compliant with information technology general controls (ITGC), SOC 1, and SOC 2 standards.

Features that enable GASB 87 implementation include:

organizational charts Engage the workforce

Designed to simplify the public sector’s compliance with GASB 87, Nakisa Lease Administration centralizes and automates end-to-end lease accounting operations. Start planning for GASB 87 deadlines today.

organizational charts Engage the workforce