Scalability, Enterprise Performance And Native Integration



Scalability, Enterprise Performance And Native Integration

Achieving Near-term Compliance and Long-term Value with Lease Administration Solutions

In 2016, the IASB and FASB issued new standards for lease accounting: IFRS 16 and ASC 842, which must be implemented by 2019. In addition to presenting a new set of challenges that need to be addressed in the near-term, the changes in lease accounting offer an excellent opportunity for companies to make major improvements in their end-to-end lease management practices.

As organizations adopt lease administration solutions to support compliance initiatives, key factors related to scalability, enterprise performance and native integration must be considered to maximize speed, efficiency and extensibility.

This eBook provides a look at the challenges and opportunities presented by the new lease accounting standards and will answer the following questions:

Why is solution scalability important?
Is there a solution that can support the needs of my complex global enterprise?
What are the benefits of native ERP integration?