Financial Analysis Reporting
Module for Nakisa Lease

Lease accounting reports and dynamic dashboards to lead corporate financial transformation

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Lease data rendered for your
financial planning and forecasting

To maintain profitability and grow in challenging markets, executives
and business leaders rely on careful financial planning and cash flow

Corporate finance professionals need to develop financial budgets, provide forecasts, and deliver scenarios for the future with confidence.

Nakisa Lease Administration already
aggregates and processes all lease data,
including assets, liabilities, equity,
accruals, and cash.

The Financial Analysis Reporting Module
implements essential dashboards and
reports within the solution to support
planning and forecasting activities.

Gear up for the future with the
Financial Analysis Reporting Module

Made for corporate financial planners

Empower the C-suite and board of directors, as well as corporate finance professionals, data or procurement officers, and lease accountants with key information. Keep your company strategy on target to stay competitive and generate more profit.


Essential for FP&A

FP&A teams oversee a broad array of financial activities, including income, expenses, taxes, capital expenditures, investments, and financial statements. The Financial Analysis Reporting Module is the best tool to successfully exploit lease data for FP&A.

Visualize, customize, save, export, schedule, and share

Once the Financial Analysis Reporting Module is enabled, you will be able to:

  1. Crunch your lease data directly in Nakisa Lease Administration
  2. Track live data using dashboards, charts, and reports
  3. Apply filters to identify or limit data inputs
  4. Download Excel-formatted financial statements and schedule report exports

Ways to use the Financial Analysis Reporting Module

Enhance your business strategy with
compelling reports and dynamic dashboards

The Financial Analysis Reporting Module is available as an add-on to
Nakisa Lease Administration. Once enabled, users can access
dashboards and reports right away.

Dynamic and custom

Generate, visualize, and customize
summation and balance reports. Data
comes in list, chart, graph, or table format.

Pre-set, downloadable
Excel reports

Customize, generate, and download
income statements, balance sheets, and
cash flow statements in Excel format.

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