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In order to successfully bring our Organizational Design and Accounting and Compliance software solutions to the market, Nakisa has built a global partner network. We provide a comprehensive partner training program for your professional consultants to ensure success every step of the way, including:

Professional consultants

Solution implementation

Comprehensive training

Sales training program

The sales training program enables you to position Nakisa solutions in the market.
Learn how to conduct a discovery session, tailor a demo to align with prospect expectations,
as well as work through interactive scenarios to deliver effective sales presentations.

  1. Explain the current market context and business drivers
  2. Provide an overview of Nakisa and our value proposition
  3. Perform standard tasks from an end-user perspective
  4. Conduct a discovery call to tailor the demo presentation
  5. Set-up and deliver a demo session
  6. Deliver a scripted “deep dive” scenario-based demonstration
  7. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Technical training program

The technical training program addresses the front-end (user perspective), the back-end and configuration
(administrator and configurator perspective) of the solution as well as implementation and
best practices. Learn how to use the solution from an end-user
perspective, and then conduct a deep-dive on how to
configure the solution to meet customer requirements.

  1. Conduct core tasks within the application
  2. Gain an understanding of the various functions and features
  3. Become an expert with regard to the solution architecture,
    ERP process workflows, and integration points
  4. Perform appropriate configurations to meet customer
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the deployment scenarios
    and recommended system landscapes
  6. Understand project implementation methodology and
    identify best practice
  7. Troubleshoot common product and implementation issues