Turn expertise into profit

As a global company and developer of enterprise class for Organizational Transformation and Accounting & Compliance software solutions, Nakisa has a strong partner* base with professional and certified consultants to successfully bring our products to market.
To ensure every valued partner is supported with the necessary information and competencies required to be proficient in implementing our solutions, Nakisa has a comprehensive partner training program and certification your elected consultants can take.

*Nakisa training and certification programs are only offered to our official Nakisa Partners.


The sales training program addresses how to position the Nakisa solution in the market. This program specifically teaches partner Sales teams how to conduct a discovery session, how to tailor the demonstration to align with prospect expectations, as well as work through scenario-based, hands-on practice to learn how to deliver of an effective sales presentation.

Learning outcome

Perform standard tasks within Nakisa solution from a functional (i.e. End-User) perspective.

Explain the business drivers and Nakisa’s value proposition.

Conduct a discovery call with prospects to understand their business context and to tailor the demo presentation.

Prepare the application demo environment to meet the sales demo requirements.

Deliver a scenario-based short-scripted demonstration as well as a deep-dive sales presentation.

Access and appropriately leverage the Nakisa marketing collateral.


The technical training program addresses the back-end (administrator and configurator perspective) of the Nakisa solution. This program focuses on how to use the solution at a high-level, from an End-User perspective, before conducting a deep-dive on how to deploy and configure the Nakisa solution to meet the business needs of customers.

Learning outcome

Perform standard tasks within the Nakisa solution from a functional (i.e. End-User) perspective.

Perform appropriate configurations within the AdminConsole to meet the business needs of the customer.

Troubleshoot common product and implementation issues.

Demonstrate understanding regarding the solution architecture, ERP process workflows, and integration points.

Demonstrate an understanding of the deployment scenarios as well as recommended system landscapes.


NAKISA CERTIFICATION (For Lease Administration by Nakisa only)

The certification for our Lease Administration by Nakisa application is designed to provide consultants with the competencies and knowledge to implement, configure and successfully manage a Nakisa project from start to finish.

To become a Nakisa Certified Consultant, candidates will be required to complete the Configuration Training Program (depending on the candidate’s role).

After completing this mandatory training program, candidates are eligible to take the Certification comprising of an online knowledge assessment and a practical configuration assignment. Upon successful completion of these two activities, the Nakisa Certification will be granted.