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Since 2007, Nakisa and SAP have worked together to deliver enterprise business solutions that help organizations across industries generate new opportunities for innovation and growth.


Nakisa has partnered with Oracle to provide a best-in-class lease accounting solution to organizations with large or complex lease portfolios.

SAP has chosen Hanelly, Nakisa’s organizational design solution, to use internally in support of its re-organization initiatives. Hanelly streamlines re-organization processes by leveraging SAP’s existing HCM data to provide intuitive organizational charting and design capabilities with powerful, flexible analytics. This allows SAP to facilitate smarter, faster and better decisions to meet its changing business needs.

More than 100 SAP customers have adopted Nakisa’s lease accounting solution to support compliance with IFRS 16 and ASC 842. Tested by SAP, Nakisa Lease Administration offers native integration with SAP ERP systems to streamline accounting operations and reduce total cost of ownership.

Designed to support compliance with IFRS 16 and ASC 842, Nakisa Lease Administration streamlines lease management and accounting while leveraging existing investment in Oracle technology.

Nakisa Lease Administration accelerates compliance by automating, centralizing, and simplifying lease accounting operations. By leveraging cloud technology and a phased deployment plan, Oracle customers can be up and running with enough time to address compliance.