Oil and Gas

How to Change and Adapt for Successful Reorganizations

Nakisa Hanelly

Reorganizations in the Oil and Gas Sector

The Oil and Gas and Energy Services industry is in a constant state of change. It’s completely normal for companies within this industry to experience multiple downturns and recoveries over a 10-year period. How they respond to these cycles is critical to maintaining the business and requires regular adjustments to the full time and contract workforces.

In order to execute a reorganization effectively, organizations within Oil and Gas need to:

  1. Align skills and roles with new structures
  2. Identify and retain talent through organizational changes
  3. Visualize the impact of different scenarios driven by cost models
  4. Maintain business continuity through impacting events

Successfully navigating this recurring cycle separates the industry leaders from the rest. For those who do not prepare and adapt effectively, this flow within the industry can result in limited options and business critical pressures that they are not prepared to respond to.


Geographically Diverse Workforce

Whether Upstream, Midstream or Downstream the industry is driven by where the commodity is, where it needs to be processed and where it needs to get to for consumption.

Disparate Data in Multiple Systems

The use of contractors is prevalent. Legacy systems from M&A activity are common and the required data tends to be in multiple HCM and ERP platforms.

Executing Change Efficiently

When restructuring is required it is often when cost controls are also in force and speed of execution is expected by stakeholders.


Filters and Visualization

Quickly move in and out of the employee map, filtering for essential roles and high potential employees to see the effects of acquisition, divestiture decisions or reductions in force.

Data Integration

Seamlessly combine organizational data from multiple HR solutions to consolidate and clean across the organization. With a single source of data, gaps become immediately apparent and can be fixed.

Analytics, Modelling and Writeback

Replace manual processes and excel modeling with actionable, dynamic scenarios that inform decision makers and can be written back to core HCM systems.


“Advances in digitalization and cloud technologies have unlocked the ability to inform decision makers with near-real time information and see the effects of different scenarios and how they will cascade and impact top talent and key positions.”

Richard Marshall, Head of Global Oil &Gas Industry Practice, Nakisa.

Nakisa Hanelly will act as a single source of truth for all HR data systems, giving full visibility into the organization. For an industry like Oil and Gas, having accurate, consolidated data from all disparate system is essential.

Using Nakisa Hanelly organization design to visualize what-if scenarios and easily adapt to, and successfully implement, ongoing reorganizations is a game changer. Nakisa Hanelly also provides the validation, integration and data analysis required to ensure data-driven decisions during a reorg is based on the current information.

You can start using your Nakisa Hanelly today from as little as $500 per month.

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