Nakisa User Conference
Session Recordings


Join us first thing to kickoff your Nakisa Connect 2020 experience with some Nakisa employee introductions and some important information for navigating the conference.



In a world transforming at ever-increasing speed, adopting agility has become a must for businesses to be able to see, react, and alter course quickly and continuously. In this opening keynote address, Babak Varjavandi, Nakisa’s CEO, shares his perspective on how technology can allow organizations to achieve agility in their people and asset management operations and how Nakisa’s innovations arm organizations with the tools they need to successfully and comfortably manage continuous change today, and in the future.


Product Vision & Customer Sharing

In this visionary keynote address, Faraz Ahmed, Nakisa’s CTO, discusses exciting software development techniques and how Nakisa has leveraged technology to advance our products and continue to innovate.


Customer Platforms & Learning

In this engaging keynote address, Emilio Marino, Nakisa’s CRO, will put the spotlight on how Nakisa strives to build tools that help provide our trusted customers build strong, stable, and agile organizations to respond to today’s challenging environment. Your feedback informs our vision, and that’s why it’s so valuable to us. We believe engaging directly with our customers plays a critical role in driving all the work that we do both now and in future.


We’ll connect to review lessons learned from implementing and supporting successful solutions for our customers, and how to continuously leverage the additional values provided by Nakisa’s solutions, including:

  1. Expanding values towards various stakeholders by deepening relationships
  2. Helping your organization navigate continuous change
  3. Boosting widespread adoption and engagement around new solutions and services
  4. Leveraging the provided solutions and services with a goal of maximum value realization


A review of Nakisa’s support and self-training tools built to empower our clients with an in-depth understanding of our solutions. We’ll provide an overview of the training resources at your disposal and how you can empower your employees with Nakisa University’s 24/7 online learning tools and other training options.



Thank you for joining us! We’re excited for our next initiatives and the future of our software solutions for 2021.



While hiring may have increased in recent years, changes in the economy have affected organizational structuring, in turn impacting turnover and attrition rates for many organizations, especially with regards to top talent. How can business leaders and HR professionals strategize for employee retention, re-engage their workforce to thrive in our “new normal”? The answer may lie in AI and machine learning.

With so many changes in the global landscape impacting HR, sharing our product vision has never been more important. In this session, we’ll reveal our Nakisa Hanelly 2020 Winter Release, preview our new, ground-breaking Diversity & Inclusion product, and give you a peek into what’s in store for the future.


OPG’s Claudia Leavens and Nakisa’s E.J. Marin discuss efficient execution of organizational design and business transformation and how HR can engage with a broader range of stakeholders, including Finance, OD, and HRIS, to better strategize business operations.


Panel Discussions

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. In this lively panel discussion, our subject matter experts and featured customer will discuss how the challenges of 2020 can inspire product innovation, advance development, and change how the world of HR uses technology to adapt.


As the business world navigates disruptions, transitions and uncertainty, organizations must move beyond managing talent to systemically and simultaneously synchronizing the work, workforce, and workplace. These components of the people side of the business are often addressed in isolation, without much consideration of the system they comprise. Our research shows high-performing organizations address these three elements in concert as interrelated components, not in silos or as a sequence. We will discuss the implications of this systemic approach and answer questions on how to make this synchronization a reality.



Walmart’s Shawn Husband and Nakisa’s Imran Mia discuss the evolving partnership between their organizations and cover such topics such as FASB, cloud adoption, how the last year has affected lease accounting practices, and their vision for the future.


As the main focus of this session, we’ll discuss our progressive roadmap items and our 360⁰ product vision from our already released Nakisa Lease Administration for Lessor Accounting to talking about upcoming solutions, such as Capital and Operating Budget Approval, Real Estate Lease management, and more. We’re also excited to showcase the product developments and latest additions that will be available in our Nakisa Lease Administration Winter Release 2020.


Panel Discussions

Our subject matter experts and valued customers will discuss how the last year has impacted their business, industry, and lease portfolios and how their changing needs have shaped innovation at Nakisa. They’ll debate interplay in such key leasing areas as lessee, lessor, sub-leasing, and intercompany. Panelists will share insights, experiences, and answer any questions you may have.


Working in the cloud is an essential part of global business in 2020. It’s no longer a question of why, but rather of how and when a business migrates their operations to the cloud, leveraging SaaS solutions. Nestlé and Engie discuss their cloud migration paths and what to evaluate when considering SaaS adoption.


Join us for this exceptional hands-on learning experience and gain practical insights into the impact of lease accounting on your total end-to-end lease accounting operations.