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Complimentary Nakisa Hanelly for companies experiencing unprecedented organizational change due to COVID-19

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Our HR Business Transformation Solution is Available for Free*

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, organizations around the world have had to rethink their organizational structures, sometimes within a matter of days.

Organizations may be experiencing reductions and closures like in the retail and airline industries, going through a period of functional adjustments like in many B2B technology companies, or even a period of rapid growth like in grocery or life sciences. No matter how, the impact has been sudden and challenging for HR to manage.

Adapting to an ever-changing organizational situation, while maintaining communication, business continuity and flexibility, is no easy task.

We at Nakisa have been overwhelmed by the response from our customers expressing how our Nakisa Hanelly business transformation solution is helping them manage the organizational difficulties they continue to face in the current environment. How the solution helps them have total visibility of their changing reality, allowing visualization of their whole organization in real time including moving to remote work through to employee layoffs and mass hiring.

Because of this feedback, we decided to offer the Nakisa Hanelly solution free of charge to eligible organizations during this time of uncertainty.

The free offering is available now. Please complete the form on this page and we will contact you within 24 hours to determine if and how Nakisa Hanelly can help your organization during this challenging time.

The Role of Nakisa Hanelly for Business Continuity

The reality most organizations are facing, and the reason for the free Nakisa Hanelly offering, is that requirements for maintaining business continuity are still changing and adapting. Analyzing the global situation, and the current HR and people data for your organization to assess the current need and make informed decisions, is the best way to maintain business continuity and agility throughout. There are key areas to consider, such as:

  1. Being able to identify critical roles by business unit or region
  2. Adapting to remote work as a primary situation for most of the workforce
  3. Maintaining productivity while adhering to government restrictions and changing priorities
  4. Analyzing categories to develop skill sets required for critical roles

Nakisa has developed COVID-19 specific functionality within our solution to answer these needs and support our customers through this critical time:

Visualize the current reality of your organization, in the moment it is required, with the business continuity dashboard for information regarding:

  1. Risk of loss/performance
  2. Working from home
  3. Function priority, i.e. essential, extended suspension, etc.

Understand and plan for the financial impact on salaries and what that means for your organization, during implementation of your business continuity plan.

This offer is available until October 2020.


*Nakisa makes its products and services available on a licensed or subscription basis. Rights to access or otherwise use Nakisa products (including free software or services) are limited to license rights expressly granted by Nakisa in the applicable license agreement and are subject to acceptance of and compliance with all terms and conditions of that agreement. This promotional offer is valid for three (3) months from start date and will be provided in English only. This promotional offer may not be available to some Users and/or Customers of Nakisa. At any time, this promotional offer may be rescinded by Nakisa for any or no reason.

Complete the form to inquire about Nakisa Hanelly free for three months.