Nakisa Responds to COVID-19 Concerns

Montreal – 3/13/2020 – Nakisa, a global technology company, announced a series of policy updates to address the health and safety of its employees, customers, and partners and at the same time ensure business continuity in response to recent developments in the COVID-19 situation.

“I feel personally responsible for the health and safety of my family here at Nakisa, and socially responsible to the broader communities we are a part of,” said Babak Varjavandi, CEO, “after the classification of this outbreak as a pandemic by the WHO, the Nakisa leadership team had a emergency session and we decided to implement a number of measures to not only address health and safety concerns, but also to ensure that we can adequately support our customers and partners in this difficult time.”

The new policy updates are effective immediately and includes the following measures

  • Global business travel ban for the month of March
  • Fourteen (14) day self-quarantine following any personal travel
  • Expanded company-wide Work from Home policy

As a global technology company with a large remote workforce, Nakisa is well-equipped to transition to a remote-work model and will continue to support its customers and partners in their day-to-day operations. “These precautions are necessary to ensure long-term business continuity,” said Emilio Marino, CRO. “We’re confident that we can abide by locally-imposed policies while continuing to seamlessly support our customers’ business operations.”

Tara Varjavandi, VP of Human Resources added that “we have an amazing team at Nakisa and have always come together and conquered different challenges and became more united as a result. We will closely monitor the global situation.”

Nakisa will issue further communications and update its response as more information becomes available.

About Nakisa

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