Nakisa’s New Cloud-Enabled HCM Solutions Now Available

HR Executives Can Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds
with Nakisa’s New Cloud-Enabled HCM Solutions

With the release of version 4.3 of its Organizational and Talent Management suites, Nakisa provides HR executives with the most flexible HCM solutions available in the market, with private cloud and on-premise deployment.

MONTREAL, Canada – January 27, 2015 – HR executives play a critical role in the execution of business strategies, ensuring the right people are in the rigcloht place at the right time and fully aligned with the company direction. Highly sensitive to data security concerns but dedicated to delivering flexibility and innovation throughout their HR processes, Nakisa® brings to HR executives a new, robust version of its HCM solutions available from a private cloud to on-premise.

This latest version of Nakisa’s Organizational and Talent Management suites is fully cloud-enabled, allowing HR executives to enjoy the advantages of the cloud and on-premise worlds.

Nakisa’s unique private cloud puts agility and efficiency at their fingertips, all set in a highly secure and dedicated environment. Whether working on an organizational transformation, determining succession readiness or assessing their organizational health, HR executives can visualize and evaluate multiple scenarios in real-time and proactively recommend the best way forward.

    Consolidating HR solutions within Nakisa’s private cloud makes the most business sense from a management and IT perspective for the following reasons:
  • HR executives can efficiently leverage their HR data to align with business objectives within one powerful environment;
  • CIOs can enjoy the benefits of centralizing their HCM data applications under the umbrella of one comprehensive and flexible solution provider, simplifying security, integration, mobility, and user settings management;
  • CIOs can benefit from a unique SaaS solution which allows them to leverage their current SAP on premise investment and maintain control over crucial SAP HCM data;
  • In addition to ongoing updates, Nakisa’s private cloud enable HR executives and CIOs to migrate their specific customizations to ensure continuous compliance with their unique requirements;
  • Real-time integration with SAP ERP HCM and the ability to preserve existing security rules and settings provide HR executives and CIOs with the utmost solution to have a clear view of their HR power and strategize accordingly.

"We are proud to continually provide our customers with new capabilities that further streamline their human capital management needs," said Romeo De Leon, Vice President, Product Management, Nakisa. "We strive to always deliver solutions fully designed to cater to HR needs so that customers can continue to benefit from the latest innovations in HCM technology."

A detailed brochure is available online, under Resources/Brochures. More information about Nakisa’s Private Cloud can be found here.

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