Nakisa Brings Leasing Administration into the 21st Century

Nakisa Brings Leasing Administration into the 21st Century

MONTREAL, Canada – September 1, 2015 Nakisa® announces the release of a new version of its lease administration solution. Lease Administration by Nakisa has robust new capabilities for managing leases and equipment and is designed to identify cost reduction opportunities that are hidden in the complexity of contracts and modernize your lease accounting and administration processes.

Lease Administration by Nakisa is a full lifecycle management solution for complex lease agreements and assets. It simplifies management by providing a one-system solution giving easy access to all key lease stakeholders. This reduces excessive manual efforts and bulky spreadsheets and allows for strict internal controls that facilitate compliance and provide cost saving alerts. The solution delivers streamlined internal reporting with alerts that zero-in on leases that are currently being overpaid, upcoming milestones, and damaged or missing equipment. “The solution offers greater visibility into the status of leased assets and that alone will save companies substantial sums of money each year.” said Brad Wolf, VP Finance Nakisa.

“Large capital intensive industries like; oil and gas, rail, mining, etc.; who manage vast leasing programs can stand to gain the most from this solution. Customer feedback so far indicates that many companies will enjoy a sizable R.O.I.” says Mr. Wolf. “Lease Administration by Nakisa is also one of the only solutions ready to support new lease accounting standards as proposed by FASB and IASB. Companies understand their importance which is why we’re getting such an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the market at this stage.” Lease Administration by Nakisa supports deployment on-premise, cloud, or hybrid and this flexibility is also what drives adoption.

Providing new and innovative financial solutions is part of Nakisa’s overall strategy to leverage its world-leading solution design expertise to fuel growth and seize new market opportunities. In the last 12 months Nakisa has announced 5 new solutions with more announcements to come soon.

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