Nakisa Brings Together HR Leaders in Montreal for an Educational 5 à 7

On November 2nd- Nakisa will host a networking and education event for HR leaders in the Montreal area. HR leaders will gather at Nakisa’s downtown office to hear from guest speakers and engage in conversations about HR trends and technology.

Philippe Manzanares, VP HRIS, Payroll, Reporting & Global HR Policies at Coty will speak at the event. With more than 15 years experience as an IT and HRIS expert, Philippe has developed a strong international background and demonstrated global success in diverse cultures and challenging industries.

Coty is a North American beauty products manufacturer based in New York founded in Paris, France, by François Coty in 1904. Coty’s main products are fragrances, colour cosmetics, and skin and body care products. Some of the brands in their iconic portfolio include Cloé, Calvin Klein and Burberry.

Philippe will also discuss how Coty overcame recent HR transformation challenges when it grew from 10,000 to 27,000 employees overnight through acquisition. Philippe will take a closer look at the software selected to accelerate transformation in their post-merger process.

Kevin Johnson will speak at the event. He holds a MSc in Psychology, a PhD in Management, and is currently a Professor of Management at HEC Montréal. His main areas of expertise are organizational transformation, change management, and organizational psychology. He works closely with consulting firms in the Montreal area to provide insights on strategic management of organizational change and emotional intelligence in management.

Alaric Bourgoin will speak at the event. He holds a MSc in Management, a PhD in Socio-Economics Innovation, and is currently a Professor of Management at HEC Montréal. His main areas of expertise are management consulting and change management. Alaric’s former experience as a senior consultant in management and business strategy, and time at Harvard University, has made him a leader in his field.

Together, Professors Johnson and Bourgoin, will speak on the topic of change management. They will discuss how top managers can initiate strategic dialogue, while making the best possible decisions during organizational transformation. To help manage transformation, they will share a simple model based on their observations of best practices in more than ten major public and private groups: Focus-Adjust-Cast.

If you haven’t already registered, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the event. Spots are limited, so please register today.

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