Nakisa Accelerators Unlock Your Business Potential

This Changes Everything: Nakisa Accelerators Unlock Your Business Potential. Smarter. Faster.

Nakisa announces the launch of its Accelerators, a unique suite of business solutions that target human capital pain points in an effort to advance transformation and resolve organizational vulnerabilities. The Transformation suite such as the Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture Accelerator and Organization Design Accelerator increases the accuracy and return on investment of companies’ strategic transformations, by reducing integration and aggregation complexities as well as improving the speed of decision making of organizational change management processes.

MONTREAL, Canada – March 3, 2015 – Meeting business goals in an environment of fluctuating economic and talent conditions is a challenge for organizations pursuing growth, survival or continuity. Talent drives the business. Talent aligned and engaged to business goals drives smarter business. Speed to alignment and engagement is the key to maximizing talent in a time when talent shortages are top of mind. Having a flexible and robust HCM solution contributes to making the right decisions with the right talent at the right time. Nakisa, the global leader in HCM and financial enterprise solutions, introduces Nakisa Accelerators Suite, a unique set of business solutions that enable companies to tackle their major organizational transformations and talent challenges proactively thanks to agile and real-time methodologies.

Available in the cloud and on-premise, Nakisa Accelerators deliver impact to the business. In this initial phase, the Nakisa Accelerators include the Transformation suite which offers a solution tailored to speed up and drive better accuracy in the integration and talent optimization process for mergers ,acquisitions and divestitures, as well as an accelerator for making better decisions in strategic organizational design scenarios. In addition, the Talent suite delivers an Organizational Vulnerability accelerator, which enables organizations to identify talent vulnerabilities in an aggregate capacity thus enabling smarter and faster decisions avoiding critical impact to business goals.

As senior executives strive to lead their company and people to adapt and continuously grow their business, Nakisa Accelerators allow them to get the insight and intelligence they need to help the organization meet strategic objectives and unleash the business potential of their talent.

"Understanding the business challenges organizations face from an HCM perspective, we have applied our core expertise to develop unique solutions that cater to critical business needs, providing accuracy, speed and clarity," said Chuck Frosst, Chief Operating Officer and HR Professional at Nakisa. "The Accelerators Suite enables organizations to realize return on investment in a smarter, faster manner."

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