Nakisa Lease Administration:

Lease Accounting for the Retail Industry

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Nakisa Lease Administration is a scalable, cloud-native lease accounting solution that allows companies in the retail sector to centralize their global end-to-end lessor and lessee lease processes. An ideal lease accounting solution for organizations in the retail industry who may be managing multiple lease contracts, sub-lease agreements, local and/or international franchises in one or multiple currencies, Nakisa Lease Administration adds visibility and streamlines business operations for retail organizations of every size and complexity.

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  1. Out-of-the-box enablement for compliance with the IFRS 16 and ASC 842 lease accounting standards
  2. Beyond compliance for sustainable lease accounting
  3. Provides insights into industry trends and financial analysis
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  1. Powerful APIs allow Nakisa Lease Administration to support seamless integration with one or many of the largest ERPs’ such as SAP, Workday, and Oracle.
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Lease Accounting

  1. Automated journal entry postings and disclosure reporting tools
  2. Accurately plan, schedule, post, and manage periodic journal entries including incoming and outgoing payments
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  1. Centralized solution for all leasing information
  2. Greater visibility and empowers retail organizations to globally administer all leases and make data-based decisions for planning and forecasting

End-to-End Lease Accounting
for the Retail Industry

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Trusted by Industry leaders

“The solution integrates seamlessly with our multiple SAP ERPs, our users find the tool easy to use, and our Group Finance and Financial Shared Service Center spend far less time resolving lease accounting issues.”

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Daniel Marosi

Manager Amer Sports IT Finance Solutions

“We were able to work alongside Nakisa, share our insights, and advise on roadmap items. That collaboration was invaluable, and as a result, we got Nakisa to more markets faster than we have any other software ever installed at Walmart.”

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Shawn Husband

Senior Director of the Global Lease Center of Expertise, Walmart

“We appreciated the solution’s clear and intuitive user interface, and such features as the revenue recognition tool and the option to tag PDF documents—something I haven’t seen in other tools.”

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Christian Rudyanto

Director of Accounting & Reporting, TomTom

Nakisa Lease Administration

Discover how Nakisa Lease Administration enables organizations in the retail industry to comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 while allowing them to consolidate their lease data and increase visibility into their lease accounting operations.