Keys to Success in Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions from an HR Perspective.

Merger and Acquisitions activity is on the rise over the next 12 months and acquiring technology assets now ranks number one as a strategic driver of M&A deals, just above expanding customer base in existing markets. Understanding and planning for M&A activity is an essential piece of current HR life. In this webinar, Nakisa and NGA discuss how M&A will affect the workforce, and the role technology has to play.

The 60 minute session will answer such questions as:

Strategic Drivers in Mergers & Acquisitions Today
Understanding the Impact on the Workforce
The Role of Technology in the M&A Process
  • o Benefits
  • o Integration Phase
Case Study
M&A Checklist for HR Success

Our speakers:

Babak Varjavandi

Karthik Loganathan

Senior Solution Engineer, Nakisa

Karthik Loganathan is a Senior Solution Engineer with Nakisa specializing in HCM and organizational design. He has extensive experience working in the tech industry and HR consulting. A subject matter expert in organization design, and mergers and acquisitions, Karthik has led various projects with Fortune 500 companies to success. His deep understanding and hands-on experience have helped businesses to prepare for change.

Nakisa Org Management,Talent Management,Lease Accounting,Revenue Recognition

Sasha Frey

Solutions Architect, NGA Human Resources

Sasha Frey is a Solutions Architect with NGA Human Resources whose experience ranges from HR and benefit consulting, administrative outsourcing, health and welfare plan operations, and HCM technology solutions. Her current scope of work at NGA surrounds the development of successful HCM outsourcing strategies to optimize employee lifecycle management for Enterprise employers. Sasha earned her B.A. from The University of Rochester and currently resides outside of Boston. MA.