Did you know…. Nakisa Hanelly Can Streamline Your M&A?

The simplest way to visualize and plan your Merger and Acquisition.

Comcast deployed Nakisa Hanelly after their merger to plan the integration, reduce costs and implement faster.



Plan and model your new org structure when M&A is your growth strategy.

Planning for any major organization restructure can be a lengthy and expensive process. Reduce time to implement business changes after merger and acquisition activity, while streamlining the process to save on cost with Nakisa Hanelly.

Join us on August 13th, 10am EDT where we will cover:

  1. Typical M&A challenges
  2. The cost of poor integration and implementation
  3. The most effective solutions
  4. What role Nakisa Hanelly org design can play
  5. Use cases on how to save time and money

Here’s your chance to see what Nakisa Hanelly can do for your Merger. Register today and be part of the conversation.

Discover Nakisa Hanelly M&A solution:

Cloud-based solution for worldwide access

Model and visualize data across multiple organizations

Create multiple what-if scenarios with dynamic analytics

Export to excel, PDF and Power Point or by secure link

See past, present and future organization structures

Integration with existing HCM solution

Nakisa Hanelly empowers global businesses with org chart, org design and HR Analytics, built to enable growth.