Enterprise Organizational Design Software

Discover how Hanelly streamlines the organizational design process by enabling you to leverage real-time metrics, assess talent gaps and future states, model multiple scenarios, and foster collaboration between stakeholders.

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Hanelly is a cloud solution that enables C-Level executives to quickly understand the current organizational structures and visualize the potential impact of their decisions through HR predictive modeling information while supporting key HR initiatives.

  • Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

    Empower HR Leaders

Using data from your existing ERP or Core HCM systems, Hanelly provides a comprehensive overview of relationship structures that HR managers can use to reorganize, understand and analyze changes against business objectives.

  • Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

    Access People Analytics

Search and filter features allow HR professionals to compare people in like jobs side-by-side in order to facilitate optimized allocation of skills, experience and talent.

  • Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

    Accelerate Restructuring

Minimize the amount of human capital required when restructuring by using Hanelly’s modeling and visualization tools to display information in a meaningful way to better reorganize and align HR objectives to business strategy.

  • Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

    Monitor Organizational Health

Real-time HR metrics enable HR professionals to easily assess organizational health and quickly identify opportunities and risks. Vulnerability scans help to identify areas of risk or loss.

See what’s possible with Hanelly

Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

More than just Org Design Software

    Hanelly also supports large-scale organizational transformations:
  • Consult dashboards & in-org chart analytics
  • Model multiple organizational scenarios
  • Assign modeling scenarios to other users
  • Enable collaboration between business units