Nakisa Hanelly

Organization Design in the Oil, Gas and Energy Sector

Nakisa Hanelly is an organizational design solution that offers oil, gas and energy companies a single source of truth to leverage their HCM data. With Nakisa Hanelly, you can visualize your organization as a whole, strategically model your workforce following Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), effectively conduct Reorganizations (reorgs) with what-if scenarios, and fundamentally innovate the way you manage your workforce

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HR Strategies to Support the Oil, Gas and Energy Sector for Growth in Times of Change

Oil and Gas companies are seeing a shift in their industry with renewable energy taking a front seat and has resulted major shifts in workforce planning. This means changing day-to-day operations, strategic workforce realignments, M&A’s, and even post-mergers integration challenges. Business Agility is the strategy that will keep companies resilient in the times of change. The oil, gas and energy industry has had to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic and new industry trends, and while some organizations have struggled, others are experiencing unprecedented growth.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Many organizations in the oil, gas and energy sector are acquiring other companies to solve their core challenges, from mining and exploration to the acquisition of renewable energy technology. Nakisa Hanelly supports oil, gas and energy M&A integration success with data modeling and visualization across multiple organizational structures within a single tool.


As new industry trends change and demand growth in new areas of expertise, Nakisa Hanelly enables oil, gas and energy organizations to visualize global HR data, measure the progress of D&I initiatives, track workforce realignment, and accelerate effective organizational transformation to meet business objectives.

Data Quality

When onboarding a new workforce, data quality is a critical issue. Nakisa Hanelly enables oil, gas and energy organizations to detect and report on HR data inconsistencies, understand errors and pain points, and address issues quickly and effectively to ensure data is accurate and relevant.

Claudia L., Manager Compensation and Benefits, OPG

Karen W., Senior Manager Org Design and Job Evaluation, OPG

Agility & Business Transformation in Times of Change

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) discusses efficient execution of organizational design and business transformation and how HR can engage with a broader range of stakeholders, including Finance, OD, and HRIS, to better strategize business operations.

OPG chose Nakisa Hanelly to streamline their business reorganization, centralize their HR data, and ensure visibility of their international workforce for reporting purposes.

organizational charts Engage the workforce

“We were tasked to manage the reorg. We looked at using other platforms at the start of our project but then only realized that using Nakisa Hanelly going forward would be the best approach because it provides us with the real SAP data, which then could be leveraged by our finance and payroll staff.”

organizational charts Engage the workforce
organizational charts Engage the workforce

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