An HR Professional’s Guide to Selecting an Organizational Design Solution

7 Key Features and Capabilities to Ensure Success
When it comes to enterprise-level organizational management and transformation initiatives, HR professionals face three main challenges:

Visualizing the information from their HCM, ERP, and other systems
Designing and modeling different scenarios
Obtaining analytics that help them measure change efforts and transformation results, along with specific KPIs so they can guide their progress and keep

The focus of this guide is to help HR professionals understand the seven key capabilities, features, and architectural characteristics that are necessary in an organizational design solution. The goal is to help human resources leadership guide their companies into the new realm of Digital Transformation, with enterprise-wide alignment of human capital with overall business strategies.

Learn more about:

The importance of HR data unification and the role of software integration
How cloud-based access can boost the effectiveness of your analytics
The necessity for ad-hoc, user-defined interfaces and dashboards
The intersection of analytics and modeling organizational scenarios
The functions needed to handle both growth and RIF Strategies