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Discover how Hanelly can support all of your org charting needs, from diversity and inclusion reports to visualization of complex matrix structures.

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Hanelly is a cloud solution that enables C-Level executives to quickly understand the current organizational structures and visualize the potential impact of their decisions through HR predictive modeling information while supporting key HR initiatives.

  • Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

    Reliable Information

Timely information is vital for effective decision-making. With Hanelly, access real-time from an existing HCM or ERP system. Hanelly leverages your data and security to enable key organizational insights that support your complex business requirements.

  • Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

    Easy access anytime, anywhere

Hanelly is a cloud based solution that allows HR professionals to easily share information regardless of their workplace and geography. Critical insights can be accessed and shared with stakeholders to support collaboration.

  • Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

    Intuitive Org Structure Visualization

With an unparalleled user experience, Hanelly makes it easy to view the current reality of your organization in real-time with geographical employee maps and support for matrix structures.

  • Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

    Comprehensive People Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your current reality by utilizing Hanelly’s powerful analytics engine, providing visibility into diversity and inclusion metrics, headcount, historical employee trends, and more.

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Enterprise Organizational Charting software by Nakisa

More than just Org Design Software

    Hanelly also supports large-scale organizational transformations:
  • Consult dashboards & in-org chart analytics
  • Model multiple organizational scenarios
  • Assign modeling scenarios to other users
  • Enable collaboration between business units