Organizational design software to streamline mergers and acquisitions

There are many reasons for a business to decide on M&A as a business strategy. Faster growth and to become more competitive are the most common across all industries, with activity on the rise. Speed of implementation can drastically affect the outcome.

In the below use case video see the difference Hanelly makes to effectively merge Sweet Chocolate Company and Peanutty Butter Inc.:

  • Remove manual organizational design processes with outdated tools
  • Eliminate potential issues like open positions, duplicate positions, misalignment with stakeholders
  • Use out-of-the-box analytics to view salaries, head counts, span of control and more
  • Leverage data in existing HCM solutions for a single source of truth
  • Improve integration with modelling and visualization of data and scenario creation
  • Share editable exports in excel, PDF and Power Point

Due diligence is required when choosing a merger and acquisition software to help with implementation. Nakisa Hanelly is a fully cloud based organizational design solution that gives HR professionals specialized features. These include intuitive drag and drop, secure collaboration, scenario creation to name a few. You can even have scenario specific talent analytics to accelerate post-acquisition integration and mitigate talent risks.

Mergers are won or lost during integration and implementation, so having the right technology in place to support is crucial. Start your free Hanelly trial today.

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