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Fast-Track to Compliance

How cloud technology and standalone capabilities help accelerate adoption of the new lease accounting standards.

Adopting ASC 842? Key Considerations For Oil And Gas Entities

This eBook provides a focused discussion on how companies in the Oil and Gas sector can prepare for compliance with new lease accounting regulations

What You Need To Know To Make Your Compliance Deadlines

In this eBook, we explore both the attributes needed in a comprehensive software solution and the implementation ...

Scalability, Enterprise Performance And Native Integration

Achieving Near-term Compliance and Long-term Value with Lease Administration Solutions

5 Key Elements to Look for in a Lease Accounting Solution

Organizations worldwide are required to bring most leases on-balance sheet...

New eBook: End-to-End Management of the Lease Lifecycle

A step-by-step look at the key elements involved in the lifecycle of a lease.

Nakisa Lease Administration

End-to-end lease accounting and compliance with new leasing standards: ASC 842 & IFRS 16

What You Need to Know Now

SAP® Lease Administration and Compliance with New Lease Accounting Standards:

SAP & Nakisa

Benefits of a Premium Qualified product and the Solution Extension Partnership

Nakisa & Bramasol Present:

ASC 842 and IFRS 16 - How to Transition Over A 3.3 Trillion Dollar Speedbump

IMA Webinar - Nakisa, SAP, and Deloitte Present:

Leases on the Balance Sheet: Compliance with the New Standard

Changes in lease accounting standards

Find out about the steps required to prepare for the upcoming lease accounting changes and the time/cost benefits that can be gained by preparing today.