Build, develop, and maintain a sustainable, as well as engaged workforce with Nakisa

In a competitive environment where the war for talent, an aging workforce and globalization is top of mind, building and managing your talent pipeline has become more important than ever before. It is crucial for you to deploy your talent where they will have the most strategic impact. Fully integrated with SAP ERP HCM, Nakisa’s talent management suite helps businesses identify the skills and competencies to develop the business, engage and retain key people by matching talent to job positions and aligning employee objectives with company goals.

Nakisa’s talent management suite helps you to

Engage top talent by aligning career aspirations and business objectives.
Gain visibility into employees’ skills and identify skill gaps.
Provide employees with clear development plans.
Increase employee satisfaction and retention.
Identify positions and competencies critical to strategic success.
Mitigate risks of key role vacancies by establishing strong succession plans.

Talent Management support systems


Enable employees to actively shape their career & development plans


Devise a clear succession plan to identify key roles and future leaders

Goals & Performance™

Align and engage your workforce with your corporate objectives


Engage management in discussing talent information as part of the overall succession process

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